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Every homeowner knows how important it is to have a properly working A/C system.  A sudden failure may occur due to a lack of repairs, incorrect usage, and maintenance, or for many other reasons. Over time Air-conditioning systems can fail ultimately with normal usage or if not maintained and repaired when needed. Even a minor issue may become a bigger one if not fixed immediately. Therefore, if you are having any issues with your A/C, it is crucial to correct them as soon as possible; otherwise, you may have to replace the entire HVAC system prematurely.

At Anytime Heating, Cooling and Plumbing, we provide 5 Star Satisfaction Guaranteed air conditioning repair services in Atlanta. Our team of HVAC Technicians strives to provide reliable, prompt, and reasonably priced service at all times.

Air conditioner repair

Common Problems with A/C Systems That Need Repair

  • Lack Of Maintenance

Letting your A/C run over long periods without being repaired or serviced is likely to cause more problems as time passes. This could result in unnecessary A/C service or require a new replacement A/C system.

  • Component Failure

When you’re A/C is not working properly, the fan controls and compressor may fail, or some other essential components might be damaged. When your A/C system cycles off and on regularly there is needless stress placed on these inner parts, resulting in untimely failure or improper operation.

  • Thermostat Problems

From a dead battery to a thermostat sensor that is not calibrated as it should be, there is a range of thermostat problems that may occur. And if these problems are not fixed in time it can cause lots of other problems or may damage other components of the system.

  • Condensation

Your air-conditioning system will create a large amount of condensation. Several A/Cs have an electric condensate force that can clog or tear with ice or algae. Call a professional if you suspect that something is wrong with your A/C condensation pump or if your A/C Unit has frozen up.

Call a Professional A/C Repair Company

Anytime Heating, Cooling and Plumbing is a licensed and certified HVAC Company that provides the best AC repair service in Metro Atlanta, Alpharetta, Marietta and McDonough regardless of the brand, make or model of the air conditioning. The professionals at Anytime Heating, Cooling and Plumbing are prepared to get it back up and running. Our experienced team can deal with any kind of air-conditioning repairs you may need. We are available 24/7 to assist get your A/C back up and working and your comfort levels back to normal.

Call on 770-504-5881 if:

  • Your A/C is Blowing Warm Air: Our experts can give you the best insight into what is going on behind the scenes and why your A/C is blowing warm or hot air. We have many years of experience, training and other qualifications to provide any homeowner with solid A/C advice and upfront pricing.
  • A/C is Not Working at All: We can quickly check out your A/C to find the reason why it is not working. Our experience and service will make certain that the job is done right the first time!
  • Your A/C Breaker Keeps Tripping: This is caused by too much electricity being drawn by the A/C unit and it is exceeding the rating of the breaker in your electrical panel causing your breaker to trip. It is a safety feature to prevent a fire. Do NOT keep resetting your breaker after your A/C unit trips it.  This is a sign of an issue that needs a Professional HVAC Technician to inspect.  By continuing to reset your breaker after your A/C has tripped, it could result in permanent damage to the HVAC Unit or even worse be the source of a fire.

Get Affordable A/C Repair Services

If you are searching for affordable A/C repair services near you, then look no further than Anytime Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. We provide all kind of air-conditioning services at competitive rates. Our HVAC Technicians are highly skilled to detect and resolve A/C problems quickly, thus saving you time and money.

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