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HVAC Technician | Anytime HVACYou shouldn’t have to lower your expectations in order to be content with the level of service you receive from an Atlanta heating company. In fact, you should develop a list of expectations that every company that you look into should meet. Whether you own a home or business, the safety and comfort of your family or employees is important. Here are some no-compromise expectations that every heating company should live up to.

24/7 Emergency Service

If a company can only come to a prescheduled call during the day from 9-5, they can’t serve you well during an emergency. Cold temperatures outside when your furnace breaks down penetrate the building and leave everyone shivering, which can potentially become a serious issue. Expect prompt emergency service whenever you need it from a heating company that is worth hiring.

On Time Service

How many times have you waited for a service technician who shows up late? Besides being frustrating, it takes extra money out of your pocket since you probably took off work to meet them at your house, or waited for them to arrive at your business. A good heating company respects your time because they know that it is valuable.

Quality Work That is Up to Code

A poor job installing or repairing a heating system is not just a code violation, but could put the safety of your house or business in jeopardy. Failure to follow codes could result in a fire or dangerous carbon monoxide poisoning. Every heating company should know the codes in your local area and perform the repairs or installation according to them.

Preventative Maintenance

A heating company should have the long-term life of your heating system in mind, and provide regular maintenance. If they are more interested just in emergency repairs, then they don’t have you best interests in mind. Regular maintenance saves you money in the long term by preventing catastrophic failures that lead to expensive system replacement.

Energy Efficiency Recommendations

Efficiency recommendations can sometimes cut your energy bill by up to hundreds of dollars each year. This might involve the installation of a more efficient furnace or smart thermostat, but could also be as simple as adding more insulation or better sealing your house. An experienced heating company can save you money with efficiency advice that they provide after assessing your house or business.

A Heating Company That Exceed Expectations

Looking for the right heating company in Atlanta can be difficult, but Anytime HVAC can make it easy for you. We offer extensive services to keep your home or office comfortable no matter what weather Atlanta throws your way. You can count on Anytime HVAC for all of the above expectations and more. Anytime balances the task of providing emergency service and preventative maintenance so that you get on-time service when you need it. Winters in Atlanta do get cold — call Anytime Heating, Cooling and Plumbing to schedule your heating system checkup to ensure warmth all winter long.

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