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3 Facts About Climate-Controlled Storage

hvac services in atlanta | thermostatPeople seeking storage units likely have valuable possessions they’re looking to store outside their home. However, depending on what they store, their items could be ruined if a unit isn’t climate controlled.  

Potential renters want units that are going to keep their belongings safe. Impress your prospective customers by having an Atlanta HVAC service company install climate-controlled spaces for your business.  

Here are some unknown facts about climate-controlled storage.  

1. The Humble Beginnings   

Climate control was initiated by large operators in big cities, like New York, Seattle, and Chicago, who converted urban, obsolete buildings into self-storage. These companies took a risk that the market would be willing to try a new type of storage.  

During this era, traditional units were hard to come by due to their high demand. By default, people were cornered in to climate-controlled units since it was the only other option for storage.  

Though weary at first, unit owners quickly discovered the benefits. A climate-controlled space helps prevent humidity that results in mold, mildew and deterioration. It also protects stored objects from dust and dirt.  

2. Temperature Is More Important Than You Think 

There’s a common misconception that you should maintain your unit temperature at 68 to 72 degrees in winter and summer. However, without climate control, most units stay below 90 degrees in summer and above 40 degrees in the winter. Depending on the unit’s contents, these temperatures might be too extreme and result in damaged items.  

In the South, summers have blazing hot temperatures that can lead to moisture in the unit, ruining your appliances. The same happens in the North during the winter. If you’re storing TVs, and you have freezing temperatures, the moisture in the air can damage the electronics inside. To prevent this, use a climate-controlled storage and keep humidity below 60 percent to prevent mold and mildew. 

3. Insulation Impacts Your Energy Bill  

If you own a storage business, trying to skip out on a few dollars of insulation will only lead to a higher electricity bill. Your HVAC units will have to work harder, and you’ll have to pay more. For roofs and walls, you want to make sure you’re using approximately six inches of fiberglass.   

You have a wide range of units to choose from when it comes to price. Less expensive units mean less efficiency with higher operational costs.  On the contrary, a high efficiency unit will cost less to operate and will save you more money in the long run.  

If you’re a storage business owner, invest in climate-controlled units. You’ll attract more customers and prevent their valuables from being ruined.  

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