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3 Ways Humidity is Damaging Your Home

3 Ways Humidity is Damaging Your Home | Anytime HVACGeorgia stays humid through the spring, summer, and fall. Heating and air conditioning systems keep any home from getting too humid, but sometimes, these systems fail or stop working efficiently due to lack of maintenance. When this happens, humidity invades your home and starts to damage it in a number ways. Here are three humidity-related issues that could having you calling HVAC services in Atlanta to remedy the situation.

Inviting Insects

Some insects don’t drink water, but instead absorb it through the air. If the air inside your home goes above 50% relative humidity, bugs start to not just live, but thrive indoors. Cockroaches, beetles, dust mites, and termites all start to multiply. Soon, you can have an infestation on your hands that ruins your home’s environment or structure.

Regular Repairs

The effects of rotting, warping, and corrosion all end up taking their toll on your house, both in appearance and integrity. Sometimes, this added humidity is a direct result of a roof leak. Other times, a poorly working HVAC system is the culprit. Either way, the expense of dealing with warped floors, rusting metal, and rotting wood takes a toll on your wallet. Add to that wet insulation, crumbling drywall, and bubbling paint, and the damage to your house by humidity is no longer a small problem.

Mold Problems

If your house goes above the magic number of 50% relative humidity, the conditions become perfect for mold growth. Mold spores are invisible to the eye and are present in the air. They grow on moist surfaces often found in basements or unvented bathrooms, but any surface is susceptible to mold growth in a damp environment. Once mold enters your house, an expensive remediation process is required to get rid of it. It is best to control humidity so that mold doesn’t get a start. It will greatly improve the health of everyone in your house.

Keeps Conditions Right to Protect Your Home

Regular maintenance to your existing HVAC system can make a huge difference in air quality and humidity. Anytime HVAC can help keep conditions right to protect your home. This can go beyond just maintenance. Humidity levels readings can be taken along with tests to assess the air quality of your home. Adjustments can be made to air quality with the installation of a HEPA filter so that everyone can breathe easier. If maintenance doesn’t control your humidity problem, a whole house dehumidifier can be installed to better control humidity.

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