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4 Unexpected Effects of Heat and Humidity on Your Computer

Laptop Computer Broken with Pieces Removed | Anytime HVACWhile it’s common knowledge that people and pets are affected by heat and humidity, many don’t realize that computers are as well. We all know that dropping a computer in the pool will ruin it, but it can also suffer when the condition of the air deteriorates inside. Here are some things that happen inside your computer when it’s exposed to extreme heat or humidity conditions that will have you contacting your Atlanta heating company.


Prolonged exposure to high humidity corrodes the components inside your computer, similar to the way damp air on a rainy day rusts metal left outdoors. When the computer’s metal and electronic pieces corrode, they can lose their conductivity, resulting in short circuits or complete computer failure. Computers should be kept in areas where the humidity level is around 45-50%. Keep them away from humidifiers and damp areas like bathrooms to prevent corrosion.

Static Electricity

Too low a humidity can also cause computer problems. Static tends to build up as humidity drops. When it hits a computer, the static shock can ruin it, even if it isn’t powered on at the time. Humidity below 35% can cause this to happen, so test the area that your computer is in to see if you need to adjust the humidity.


Condensation forms when there is a big change in temperature. Humidity in the air starts to condense onto computer surfaces. This can cause short circuiting that will ruin the computer. Therefore, it’s best to not make really drastic changes in temperature in your home for your computer’s sake. This can be helped with the installation of a smart thermostat that allows incremental changes.


Your computer has a fan to keep it cool, but high heat and a heavy workload can cause a computer to overheat. It’s important to keep the fan clear of dust and debris so that your computer can cool properly, but just as important is the temperature of your house. A broken AC system will put an extra load on your computer’s cooling ability, so proper HVAC maintenance protects both your home and the equipment inside of it.

Protect Your Indoor Climate

Controlling the climate of your home is important for your computer. No one does that better than Anytime HVAC. Whether you need a newer, more efficient system installed or maintenance to your current one to make it run better, Anytime HVAC has you covered. It’s important for everyone and everything in your home to have a stable HVAC system that will keep temperatures and humidity in check, no matter how extreme the weather outside becomes. This will prevent failure of electronic devices and deter mold-friendly environments. Give Anytime Heating, Cooling and Plumbing a call today at 770-504-5881 and get the protection your home needs.

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