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5 Surprising Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat Controls on Mobile Phone | Anytime HVACSome people pride themselves in setting their thermostat to conserve energy. Others just want their home to be a comfortable temperature. Both types of consumers can benefit from a smart thermostat since it provides the ability to both conserve energy and maintain a comfortable temperature. Smart thermostats install by HVAC services in Atlanta possess many surprising benefits that improve any house for years to come.

To Err is Human — A Smart Thermostat Can Help

No one needs to heat or cool an empty house, but even the most conscientious user might forget to adjust the thermostat while away to save energy. Smart thermostats connect to your smartphone via a Wi-Fi connection, learning your schedule without you having to tell it. This works well for the person that doesn’t like to mess with thermostat and wants to save money with minimal effort.

Watch and Control the Climate of Your Home

It’s easy to worry about what is happening at home while you are away. The HVAC system can prevent worry with its added features. You can check on your home or a vacation home with real-time information about the climate from your smart thermostat.

Not only can you see temperature, but you can also adjust it while you are away if changes are needed. This can be done anywhere your smart phone has a signal. This is both practical and convenient. For instance, if it is too cold to get out of bed, use your phone to adjust the thermostat. If you are on vacation and need to raise the temperature so that the pipes don’t freeze, a smart thermostat will allow you to do that.

Stay Informed of Changes

Certain smart thermostats even allow you to set predetermined temperature limits so that you can know what is happening. When these limits are crossed, an alert email will be sent to let you know of the unexpected change. These thermostats even let you notify you if they are disconnected from your wireless network.

Save Energy, Save Money

A smart thermostat will save energy; when energy is saved, you save money. Smart thermostats turn down the temperature while you are away to save energy. When you get within a certain distance of home, the thermostat turns back to the normal desired temperature so that your home is the same temperature as when you left.

Easy to Use

Companion apps make smart thermostats easy to set up and program, unlike regular programmable thermostats with no smartphone connectivity. You can even have a preset vacation mode so that your regular settings won’t be messed up. These apps give a huge level of satisfaction with easy-to-determine stats that can be compared month to month.

Smart Thermostat Install and More

Installing a smart thermostat is just part of the energy saving services offered by Anytime HVAC. Anytime can install a smart thermostat during the annual recommended maintenance visit. Maintenance allows Anytime HVAC to keep your system running reliably and efficiently through the next year, preventing unnecessary breakdowns when you need AC or heat the most. Smart thermostats can be added to any system.

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