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6 Things Low Winter Humidity is Ruining in Your Home

Wine, Books, and Wood | Anytime HVACEveryone knows that high humidity can cause irreversible damage to things in your home as mold and mildew take over, but just as damaging is a lack of humidity in the air. Low humidity invades more subtly but can cause just as much damage to what you keep in your home. You may need HVAC services in Atlanta to install a humidifier so that you can keep your home’s humidity in the desired 40-60% range. Here are the main things that low humidity is ruining your home.


As technology advances, more electronics enter the average home. Static electricity builds up in a dry climate, especially over the winter. The same static electricity that is a nuisance to humans is deadly for the delicate circuitry found in almost every electronic device these days.

Wood Furniture

As the air becomes less moist, wood shrinks. The antique furniture that you have in your house is especially susceptible to this. You may notice that the wood table is a bit wobbly, or that your chair from your grandmother is loose at the joints. This could be because of the lack of humidity in your home.


It’s not the glass bottle that causes problems, but the wood cork component of a wine bottle. Dry air shrinks the cork by drying it out, which allows more air in to interact with the wine. Over time, the wine is ruined by the oxidization from outside air. Keeping the right humidity and a constant temperature will ensure your wine collection is safe for years to come.


Warped covers and flaking ink are problems that occur with any book that is in low humidity. Pages become dry and brittle, aging each book in your collection faster.

Musical Instruments

Low humidity can cause cracks and failed glue joints in musical instruments. Guitars, violins, and pianos all suffer from this problem. Keeping them in top condition requires the right humidity.


If you invest a lot of money on just the right artwork for your house, you’ll want to make sure that the humidity doesn’t ruin that wonderful oil painting on canvas in your house. Low humidity can lead to cracks in the paint.

Control the Humidity in Your Home

If your home is too dry, the items in your home will start to be affected and eventually become ruined. Hire Anytime HVAC to check the humidity in your home and install an in-system humidifier. While technicians are at your house, have them do an annual maintenance check on your system so it will run well through the coming year. The correct humidity and a robust HVAC system will also improve the health of anyone in the home.

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