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Air conditioning system mistakes that increase your utility bills and cause potential health hazards

There is no doubt that the heat in summer is on the increase due to the increasing incidence of global warming. It is quite unavoidable to use the air conditioning system to cool your homes, cars and offices. But, do you know that you might be making one of these big mistakes that are reducing the efficiency, safety and effectiveness of your air conditioning system? Here are some mistakes you might not be aware of that can be bad to your health and the proper functioning of your cooling system.

  1. You Aren’t Cleaning and Changing Your Air Conditioning Filters.

According to James Braun, the director of the Center for High Performance Buildings and professor of engineering at Purdue University, “a dirty filter can leads to poor airflow, circulation and freezing up of your A/C.

A dirty filter can easily get contaminated with microorganisms and can be inimical to the body when inhaled. Mark Mendel, a scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Indoor Environment Group said that asthma and other allergies problems are possible issues that can arise from inhaling air from a dirty filter.

When your filters are left unchanged, it could increase your AC bill by 5% to 15% while still shortening the lifespan of your A/C system.

However, frequent cleaning and changing of your A/C filters once every three months can prevent such increases in bills. Replacement filters can easily be changed and are inexpensive- usually not more than $10.

However, you do not need to replace the filters if you use a ductless AC unit. There’s usually a removable panel on your unit. Remove it and wipe the filter to clean of dirt and debris.

  1. You Are Not Servicing Your System Annually

One of the biggest mistakes made by most people is the failure to service their air conditioning system. The major assumption is that “if it is working, it is not faulty” is wrong. Often your A/C will work but ineffectively and inefficiently. You can clean the A/C unit’s coil yourself by looking up video tutorials for the monthly maintenance and  contact 770-504-5881 for the annual service.

  1. You did not position your thermostat well

 Another common mistake is improper positioning of the thermostat. The position of your thermostat can affect your A/C efficiency and bills. If your heat-producing appliances are near or you cook near your thermostat, the thermostat will presume that your home needs to be cooled more because of the heat near it and this will cause the system to work for longer hours than it needs to be. This will decrease its efficiency as well as increase your bills too. Here’s how you can pick a perfect place for your thermostat.

  1. You’re underutilizing the Ceiling Fans

Have you ever thought of circulating the cool air from your A/C with a ceiling fan? Just think about it. Your ceiling fan consumes lesser energy than your A/C system and will still perform the same function as your A/C. When you use the fan, it removes some burden off your A/C system. When using your fan to circulate the cool air, remember to set your fan to turn anticlockwise during the summer to promote greater air flow.

  1. You might be Cooling Empty Rooms

There’s no point cooling all rooms at the same time when it’s of no use. It is a simple way to cut down the cost of your A/C bills. Ensure you close the vents in unoccupied rooms to prevent those spaces from swallowing up your cold air.

  1. Keep curtains and blinds closed

Some people forget to shut their blinds and draw their curtains when their AC system is operating. When the blinds and curtains are left open, the cool air easily escapes out of your house leaving the A/C to run for longer hours.

Also, when the direct sun hits or enters through the blinds, it can increase the temperature of your house which automatically gives the A/C more work to do in reducing the extra heat from the sun.

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