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Benefits of HVAC Preventative Maintenance

We take our cars in for an oil change every 3000 miles but give little thought to the maintenance of our air conditioning systems. And our heating and cooling equipment runs all year long with very little downtime. The benefits associated with Preventative Maintenance for heating and cooling systems has direct impact on homeowner comfort and finances.

The Top 5 Benefits of Preventative Maintenance:

1. Prevents equipment breakdowns which could lead to costly repairs. There is never a convenient time for heating and air equipment to break down. Emergency repairs are an unexpected expense that may be prevented with maintenance. During maintenance, a technician may detect and correct an issue long before it grows into an interruption in service.

2. Keeps your system running at peak performance. Studies show that regular maintenance can keep your system from working harder than it should–actually save you 10% on your energy bill.

3. Extends the life of your A/C system. Regular maintenance can keep your system in good condition, lengthening its operational life and protecting your investment in your equipment.

4. Improves Indoor Air Quality. Indoor pollution is a hot topic these days from the home to the workplace. Many conditions are aggravated by air pollutants, the most popular being allergies and asthma. Indoor Air Quality is critical. Clean air is fundamental to good health.

5. Protects your warranties. Some manufacturers may make warranties contingent upon proper maintenance.

An investment in maintenance is money well spent. The homeowner that invests in maintenance saves in costly repairs, energy bills, and early system replacements– and stays comfortable in inclement weather. Preventative Maintenance is the best way to ensure your continued comfort throughout the year. It is suggested that maintenance be performed a minimum of two times per year to be certain that your system is ready for severe cold or heat.

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