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Carbon Dioxide Monitors

One way to promote good health is to keep indoor spaces properly ventilated as fresh air keeps oxygen levels high. Air conditioning systems have fresh air intakes that bring outside air into the unit and mix it with the return air before sending it back to the conditioned space as conditioned air. But how much outside air is enough? Most standard applications require 15% to 20% of the supply air from an A/C unit be from fresh air.

You can use Carbon Dioxide (CO2) monitors to read the concentration levels of CO2 in your home.  Carbon Dioxide is what people exhale when breathing and what plants use for energy production through photosynthesis. The more CO2 in a building, the less room there will be for oxygen. An enclosed occupied space needs to have a certain amount of fresh air introduced to the conditioned space or the CO2 levels can increase to dangerous levels, leading to indoor air quality problems as well as physical ailments, such as headaches and fatigue. CO2 monitors are easy to use and readily available at home improvement warehouses and hardware stores.

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