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Checklist for Comparing Furnaces

Comparing Furnaces | Anytime HVACBuying a furnace is a long term commitment, so it is good to fully understand the features newer furnaces have that will increase the comfort and efficiency of your home. This is important because everyone likes to stay warm during the winter, but not at the cost of a high energy bill. Many technological advancements have revolutionized the furnace industry. Decide which of the following features are non-negotiable for your new furnace installed by an Atlanta heating company.

How Many Stages Do You Want?

Furnaces burn energy in three different ways depending on the how many stages of heat output are present. A single-stage furnace is the traditional style with a burner that is either on or off. This heats the home, but wastes energy. A two-stage furnace uses a low setting for the burner 80% of the time, but switches to a higher setting for really cold temperatures, saving energy by not constantly running at full capacity. The most efficient is the multistage burner, which is electronically controlled to provide just the right amount of heat. Think of it as the burner on your stove with incremental controls that give you the ability to dial in just the right amount of heat.

Choose Variable Speed Blowers

Variable speed blowers work alongside a multistage system to give your house consistent heat without temperature swings. A variable speed blower has multiple settings that allow it to burn less fuel while running at a lower speed for a longer time. This means that the furnace will be less noisy, without the sudden blast of air that the traditional furnaces have. This longer run time circulates more air, allowing the filter to catch more contaminates, which makes the air inside your home cleaner as well. EMC variable speed blowers offer even more advantage by integrating with other smart features of your furnace.

Compare Based on AFUE Ratings

AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rates how efficiently the furnace will heat a house. Ratings range from 80-98.5% efficiency. All furnaces sold have to be at least 80% efficient — that means that 80% of the energy is utilized towards heating the house. In essence, this wastes 20% of your energy bill. An increase of 15% in AFUE rating can save you hundreds of dollars every year in energy costs.

Part of the reason for increased efficiency in new furnaces is the feature that condensing gas furnaces utilize. Using a second heat exchanger, these furnaces extract the remaining heat out of the air. So much heat is removed from the air that the exhaust can be vented through a PVC pipe out the side of the house instead of the roof. This takes away the added hassle of routing a metal exhaust pipe through the house and onto the roof for a new house build.

In the War of Warranties, You Win

Furnace manufacturers constantly battle for better warranties on their products. Warranties for the furnace and parts that to wear out first, like heat exchangers and ignitors, benefit from this battle. A longer warranty on a furnace usually means that the parts used in the furnace are built to last longer. When you choose the longer warranty, you’ll have to pay for less major service calls over the lifetime of the furnace.

Furnace Install Anytime

When you need the right company for installing your next furnace, call Anytime HVAC. We will help you find the most efficient furnace for the size of your home and budget. Once you decide which furnace is best for you, our expert technicians will make sure that it is installed safely and to code. Your house will be warm and safe with a furnace install from Anytime Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. Give us a call today.

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