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Most Common Signs that Your A/C Fan is Broken in Atlanta

AC maintenanceSummertime in Atlanta can be a bittersweet affair. For most, the summertime means relaxation and refreshment. However, for many unlucky victims, Atlanta’s hot and humid summertime means frustration, headaches, and frequent air conditioning repair. During those days when you’d rather be huddled on the couch with an ice cream and a movie, the last thing you or your family needs is an underperforming air conditioning unit. To avoid costly and constant repairs, you should educate yourself on the common indicators of A/C malfunction. We’ve included the most common below to get you started.

A/C Doesn’t Cool Sufficiently

Obviously, if your home is not getting cool or if you are not as comfortable as you were previously, there is most likely a disruption in the airflow of your air conditioning unit. It is important to remember that proper airflow is essential. Without proper airflow, your A/C cannot cool your home effectively. Before jumping to any conclusion, it is smart to change your filter. This can be done rather easily and may remedy the problem. However, if the problem persists, you most likely have an issue with the A/C fan itself. At Anytime Heating, Cooling and Plumbing, our talented technicians are trained to seek out the common issues before delving into the more complicated and invasive matters.

A/C Emits Strange Noises 

Another common sign that your A/C fan may be broken is the emission of strange and loud noises – in particular, during the unit’s startup or shut down cycles. These noises may be so loud and disruptive that even the most technically challenged individuals will notice the disturbance. If you notice strange sounds coming from your air conditioner, shut off your unit immediately! Continuing to run the unit when you’re unsure of the problem may cause permanent damage or warrant the purchase of an entirely new unit. Whenever Anytime services a property, our technicians stay vigilant to even the slightest audible anomaly and are capable of identifying problems weeks or months in advance.

A/C Improperly Cycles

Also referred to as “short cycling”, this phenomenon occurs when your A/C unit initiates but cycles off before the cooling period has completed. More often, improper cycling is attributed to poor sizing or bad capacitors. However, these issues can be initially instigated by a broken, jammed, or poorly functioning air conditioning fan. To avoid short cycling or other cycling issues, Anytime technicians always ensure that the system fan is well lubricated and capable of running for an extended period of time.

Even with an expensive or well monitored unit, problems may arise from time to time. If you or a friend are encountering some of the problems listed above, contact your Anytime team right away. Our highly skilled teams can easily identify these problems to save you time, money, and hassle. Don’t spend your beautiful Atlanta summer in a proverbial furnace, call Anytime Heating, Cooling and Plumbing today and stay cool tomorrow.


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