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How to Control Indoor Humidity this Summer

HVAC Services in Atlanta Wiping Condensation Off Window | Anytime HVAC Did you know that humidity, the amount of water vapor in the air around you, affects your physical and mental health? Depending on your personal comfort level, clothing preferences, and amount of physical activity, your home’s indoor temperature, and subsequently, humidity, will fluctuate. Especially in the summer, keeping an even-keeled relative humidity (rH) is vital for fighting off illness and upholding the structural integrity of your home. If you do find your home is under or over the recommended level, a company offering HVAC services in Atlanta can help. In the meantime, here are some ways to even out your humidity.

Bring on the Heat

Summer is synonymous with relaxation, but it also means muggy, moisture-filled air that’s not so relaxing. The higher the humidity, the more resistant your body becomes to evaporating sweat off your skin, making you feel warmer than you should.

Within your home, increased humidity leads to mold and rot growth, increase in pests, dehydration, muscle cramps, sleep discomfort, and fatigue. The good news is there are a few easy ways you can drain the moisture out for a healthier, more comfortable environment.

DIY: Keeping It Cool

In the winter, using humidifiers is a good idea to add moisture, but in the summer, you’ll want to do the opposite with a dehumidifier. Another way to decrease your indoor humidity is to install exhaust fans that will keep the stale, musky air consistently moving.

By taking shorter, cooler showers, you’ll contribute less moisture to the air in your home since steam is a prime source of humidity. Be sure to look around your basement, crawlspace, pipes, and any closed spaces with restricted air flow for moisture spots. Should you notice any, it might be time to find a reliable HVAC professional.

Know Your Numbers

Take your humidity awareness a step further by purchasing a hygrometer, a device that measures rH. This handy tool ranges in price, but the more you know about your environment, the safer and healthier you can make it.

Experts recommend your indoor moisture level to be between 40%-60%. If you find your humidity is below 40%, your air is too dry, which can cause structural cracking and dryness, in addition to dry and itchy skin. If it’s above 60%, the air in your home is too wet. It’s likely that you’ll be surrounded by a musky smell, wet spots, mold growth, and/or an increase in cockroaches and other pests.

Not only is getting your home to the perfect humidity vital for your home’s structural integrity, but it’s also key to leading a healthier life.

Ensuring Indoor Comfort

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