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Energy Saving Tips for the Upcoming Cold Season 

Cold Season | Anytime HVACEveryone wants to save money on things that they use every day, and a great way to do that is by cutting the cost of your energy bill. Saving money on this winter’s energy bill means more money to do the things that matter to you most. Your Atlanta heating company will agree that these tips will save you money and reduce maintenance costs since your system will be saved from wear and tear by not running as much.

Adjust That Thermostat


You’ll save 10 percent of your energy bill if you adjust the temperature down 10 to 15 degrees at night. This means you might need more blankets on your bed, but a cozy warm bed in cold temperatures can be rather inviting.

During the Day 

Try turning down the thermostat by a couple degrees during the day. You can dress warmer to compensate, or you might get accustomed to the slightly lower temperatures. Keep a throw blanket on the couch so that you can stay warm while watching your favorite shows.

Smart Thermostat

Your current thermostat can be switched out for a smart one. Smart thermostats can be programmed to turn the temperature colder while you are away and then turn the temperature back up right before you come home. You won’t know the difference, but your energy bill sure will. You can save up to $180 a year! Your thermostat will pay for itself in a year or two, and after that, it’s all savings.

Insulate the Whole House

Many houses don’t have the proper insulation in the attic or basement. This leads to a lot of heat escaping your house over the winter months and hundreds of dollars of wasted energy costs.

Even improper insulation around doors and windows can allow the cold to come in. Adding proper insulation and weather stripping will make your house much more efficient.

Here Comes the Sun

Harness some of that solar energy by opening up the shades on the windows that face south and west. Sunlight is full of energy, which will help heat your home. Save 2-12% in heating costs just by letting the sunlight in. Notice how your pets seek out the sunny spots over the winter? Your pets know this secret already. Get in on the secret energy savings.

Find The Most Efficiency for Your Home

Each house is different. The professionals at Anytime Heating and Cooling Inc. can come to your house and give you tips on how you can improve its energy costs based on the current HVAC set up in your house. Anytime does maintenance on your current system to help it run more efficiently. Free estimates are also available for costs of installing a new more efficient system. The energy you’ll save will be more money in the bank. Call Anytime Heating and Cooling Inc. today.


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