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Faulty HVAC Systems Could Be Ruining Student Performance

Students Raising Hands in a Classroom | Anytime HVACWalking outside just be hit by an unexpected chill or blast of heat can start your day off wrong. It’s nice to be able to then seek reprieve in a climate-controlled area for your work day. Students deal with the same problem, but unfortunately, a neglected HVAC system can put a damper on their performance in the classroom. Therefore, it is important to contact an Atlanta heating company for HVAC system maintenance so that students won’t be brought down by less than ideal temperatures.

Emotional Well-Being Affects Mood

It helps to be in a good mood so that studying can be improved. The right temperature can trigger a good mood. Studies show that 72 degrees is the ideal temperature to raise your spirits. Raise or lower the temperature beyond this point, and the good mood starts to go away. If a student is in a good mood, their day normally goes better. How much better? Read on.

Mood Affects Learning Ability

For a student, being in a good mood improves memory and cognitive abilities. In fact, a study placed students in three separate rooms to take an exam. The only difference was that each room had a different temperature. The findings were enlightening. Students in the room at 61 degrees averaged a score of 76 percent, while the room at 81 degrees averaged 72 percent. Finally, in the room that was 72 degrees, students produced the highest score, with an average of 90 percent. If the temperature in your school is undesirable, it might be time to fix the faulty HVAC system.

HVAC Maintenance is Importance for Schools

Schools that want to produce optimal test scores and have good student engagement should consider the importance of regular HVAC maintenance. Sure, a system can be run until it fails, but if it fails on an important testing day, student scores are bound to suffer.

During the summer when school is out is the ideal time to have an HVAC technician come and inspect the system. They perform necessary maintenance so it can handle the year ahead. Not only will student performance be better, but a properly maintained system will be more efficient, saving on energy costs. Additionally, technicians will check for deadly carbon monoxide gas that old furnaces tend to leak. If carbon monoxide is present, the problem can be addressed so everyone in the building is safe.

The Right HVAC Company for Your School

Schools need to maintain a stable temperature during the year for student health and wellbeing. Anytime HVAC is the company that every Atlanta area school needs to keep temperatures comfortable year-round with our experience in both heating and cooling. Our NATE certified technicians are certified to work on large commercial systems that schools use. We are even available around the clock for emergency situations.

Keep your students focused by maintaining a good temperature in your school. Call Anytime Heating, Cooling and Plumbing today at 770-504-5881.

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