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How to Find the Best Promotions for an Atlanta Heating Company 

Heating System | Anytime HVACFind the deals — that’s what everyone wants. People are good at it, too. Usually they are only good at finding deals on stuff that they really are excited about, like clothes, a new car, or supplies for a hobby. You may have trouble getting excited about an HVAC system, but the truth is that the money you save with an Atlanta Heating Company will be money in the bank that you can use for other things that you are passionate about.

Get Info from a Heating Company

Promotions are out there — you just have to uncover them. Once you have found a good prospective company, it’s time to find the gold of promotions. First, go to the website and look for a tab that says “specials” or “promotions.” It should be fairly easy to find, since a company will want them to be visible. If you can’t find it there, then give a call to the number listed on their site and ask about their promotions. Many deals are never uncovered just because people don’t ask.

Look for Manufacturer’s Rebates

Rebates are a helpful bonus. Manufacturers are constantly jockeying for position to get customers to buy their product. HVAC companies benefit from this competition, passing the savings on to you through rebates. Most often, rebates come with installation of a new system. Make sure to ask the company doing your heating installation for information about available manufacturer’s rebates.

Estimates for a New System

Estimates for a new system from a reputable company should be free. This is not as much a promotion as a good way to get a great price by having several heating companies bid on the job. You shouldn’t have to pay for them to give you a price on install.

Maintenance Plan Costs

If you are getting a new system installed, check and see what maintenance comes with the purchase of a heating system installation. Also check what the charges are for yearly maintenance. If maintenance is costs are steep after your free service period is up, then you might want to check elsewhere for maintenance.

Anytime Heating and Cooling has Promotions to Help Your Budget

Anytime HVAC knows that you run on a tight budget. That’s why we don’t charge for estimates dealing with new system installs. In addition to that, we also offer a free one-year maintenance plan with purchase of a new heating system. We have great manufacturer rebates on a new system. We get you on the road to a well-running system with our $55 service call to diagnose the problem. Anytime Heating and Cooling Inc. is available for your HVAC emergency whenever you need us. Give us a call today!



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