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When Your Furnace Needs More Than Just Repair

High Heating Bill | Anytime HVACThere comes a point in the life of every furnace when the cost of repair exceeds the beneficial life left in the furnace. It can be difficult to know when that time is, and you don’t want to spend unneeded money. Here are some signs that it might be time to call up an Atlanta heating company for an estimate for replacement.

Rising Energy Bills

High energy bills could mean that your furnace is becoming high mileage, consuming more energy than it needs to. Things like an inefficient combustion of gas with a yellow flame or a clogged blower could be contributing to higher energy costs. These issues are repairable, but what a technician finds could warrant replacement if he or she confirms that the inefficiency is from age and wear rather than needed maintenance. A newer, more efficient furnace could be the best answer.

Uneven Temperature

If you can’t get the temperature right in your house, it is probably because your furnace is having trouble keeping the temperature constant. It is time for a checkup. The furnace could be short cycling from overheating or a sensor could be malfunctioning. If it’s not a simple fix a new heating system could be the best solution.

Frequent Repairs

Regular repairs start to add up. If they get to be more than 50% of the cost of a new furnace, fixing it is most likely a waste of money. If these frequent repairs are accompanied by odd noises coming from your furnace and rusty dirt coming out of the vents, it is a sign that your furnace is about to cause major problems.

Old Age

Furnaces have a life expectancy. Typically, they last 15-20 years, so if your furnace is “sweet 16,” it’s living on borrowed time and replacement could be eminent. Furnace replacement is actually something to look forward to if your furnace is old. This is due to the fact that newer models are so much more efficient that you can save hundreds on your energy bill each year.

Estimates on Replacement

A furnace is a long term investment, so you should shop around for the right price. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for, so going with the cheapest estimate could mean compromising on furnace quality or safety of the install. Make sure that each estimate is not based on the size of your current furnace, but a detailed assessment of your house. This is important, as an oversized furnace for your home will waste energy, while an undersized furnace will be overworked and may not adequately heat the house.

Advice to Decide What You Need

It takes experience in the heating business to help you decide when you need to replace your furnace. Anytime HVAC is the voice of experience that can help you navigate the pros and cons of purchasing a new furnace. Our extensive knowledge of heating installation and repair ensure that you are getting an unbiased opinion. Licensed Anytime technicians will do a quality job no matter what choice you make.

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