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Get a Free A/C Estimate Before you Buy

There are many capable do-it-yourselfers out there but when installing a new central heating and air system, it is time to call in the professionals. Service technicians do more than just install the equipment, they help you select the best system for your particular needs.


Most heating and air companies will offer free estimates on A/C installations. A free estimate allows you to have the pros give you current information about new energy efficient equipment, additional equipment that might save you money in the long run (programmable thermostats, filters), and a/c financing that would allow you to make monthly payments on your investment.

Heating and cooling professionals can inform you of the best options:

  • Quality Equipment -a new system is an investment and not all equipment is equally efficient.
  • Manufacturer’s Brand/Model -manufacturer’s warranties and available rebates may differ.
  • Unit Size -a system that is too small will work overtime and still may not cool your house while a system that is too large will not operate efficiently either. There is a size that is just right for your square footage.
  • Overall Price -free A/C estimates let you know what to expect before you buy. There is a broad price range for new systems and a technician can guide you to the best overall fit.
  • Heating and A/C Financing -a professional firm has built relationships with finance companies to increase your purchasing options.

It goes without saying that heating and air professionals should be licensed, bonded, insured, and will take care of the necessary permits, etc. that are needed for your new system installation. Also, be sure to ask about preventative maintenance programs to ensure that your new system stays in peak performance. Maintenance is a recurring cost so it is important to get an estimate for that as well.

If you are located in metro Atlanta and surrounding areas, and would like a free HVAC estimate, contact Anytime Heating & Cooling. Anytime HVAC service technicians are skilled in A/C repair and service; heating and cooling system maintenance; and the installation of new air conditioning units. The experts at Anytime Heating & Cooling are ready to help you anytime–offering 24/7 emergency service, scheduled appointments, and free estimates for new A/C systems. Call today (770) 504-5881 or visit us on the web at

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