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Is That Heater Smell Normal?

atlanta heating company bad smell | Anytime HVACHome maintenance typically applies to what you can see within your home, such as fixtures and appliances. What happens behind the walls, however, can go neglected.  

Piping, air conditioners, and especially heating units experience normal wear and tear in the off months when their systems lie dormant and are susceptible to the elements.  

For an Atlanta heating company, this can smell like trouble as the moisture, heat, and weather fluctuation cause a myriad of odor-rich problems. If any of these smells make their way into your home, here are a few possible causes you should quickly investigate.  

Electric or Metallic Smell 

If you notice an electric or metallic smell when you turn on your system, it is most likely not an emergency, but it should be taken seriously. This may be a sign that there are wires, metal, or electrical units that are too close to a hot component of your heater.  

This distinct smell is due to the items burning inside your heater that are no longer heat tolerant from general wear and tear. While this is an inexpensive and quick fix, your safety could be in jeopardy. Turn your unit off until someone can repair the broken, burning pieces.  

Rotten Egg Smell 

A rotten egg smell is perhaps the most unfortunate odor to get when you switch your heating unit on. This serves as a warning to homeowners about a potential gas leak. Gas companies added a foul odor to dangerous gases to serve as a subtle alarm.  

This is a telling sign that you have an active, flammable gas in your home that can be dangerous when encountered with a heating unit. In this situation, turn off the unit, leave the area, and only re-enter when your service provider deems it safe.  

Dusty Burning Smell 

A dusty burning smell from your heater is common, especially if it’s the first time you’ve turned it on for the year. In most cases, this is simply the heater burning up small pieces of debris and dirt that were in the vents.  

Fortunately, this poses no threat to your family. If, however, the smell persists after the few times after you turn it on, you may need to replace the filter. Should the smell stick around, it’s probably time for a deep clean of your system.  

Odors Be Gone 

Machines with as much power as heating units tend to be dangerous if problems aren’t addressed right away.  Thankfully, nearly all modern heaters notify us of these problems via scent.  

When the time comes to repair your heating unit, Anytime Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing technicians are available around the clock for any emergencies. Give us a call today at 770-504-5881 and get rid of those mysterious smells.  

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