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How Can I Become An A/C Repair Specialist in Atlanta

You have a few different routes if you’d like to become an A/C specialist in Atlanta. The one that you choose will depend on you. How you learn, and how you’d like to schedule your time. A/C Repair Specialist | Anytime HVAC

There are seven or so institutions that offer you air conditioning and heating specialist training in Atlanta.

Some of these are technical colleges; these are like vocational training schools that allow you to specialize in study of the area that wish to pursue work.

  • A diploma program is offered at Atlanta Technical College, as well as two certificate programs as of the writing of this blog.
  • Another option is the Georgia Piedmont Technical College, where you can get a two year associate’s degree, or certificates in A/C technology.
  • Then there is Chattahoochee Technical College, which is in Marietta. Here you can attain a diploma in Air Conditioning Technology.
  • In Lawrenceville there is Gwinnett Technical College, which offers certificate and 2-4 year degrees for air conditioning and heating.
  • Southern Crescent Technical College offers you a certificate for A/C assistant technicians,
  • Lanier Technical College offers 2 certificates and a diploma.

What Classes Would I Take?

These cover a variety of the practice areas that you’ll have to understand to work in the field. They include refrigeration systems, heat pumps and other parts, and how air conditioning systems operate, as well as conceptual instruction on the way heat is transferred in different conditions.

You should also learn how to problem solve when you’re presented with a variety of difficult scenarios.

Finally, computers are becoming more of a part of our everyday industrial world. From auto repair to A/C installation, understanding how modern computing is changing the way machines work and makes the subject essential to be able to hold a job.

If you’re becoming an installation technician, courses again begin with refrigeration basics, electrical apparatus of the A/C systems, how they are installed and regulations that govern the way they may be installed in a given city, county or state.

Paying for School

The great news about this is that if you’re in state, you’ll get deals on your education. Average of tuition per year at the vocational schools is at about $2500 per year. Most students receive financial aid.

Job Experience Prior to Employment

You’ll need between six months and two years of experience to work as an air and heating specialist. You can get college work experience, and you can also call around to the local technicians and ask to intern or apprentice. An apprenticeship is part education and part real-work training, which is paid.

The apprenticeship will take longer, about 3 to 5 years. But you’re more likely to be working immediately once you emerge.

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