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How do Air Filters Affect IAQ?

The average person spends almost 90% of his or her time indoors.  For children and the elderly, that number may be higher.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ranks poor air quality as one of the top five public health risks.  Common symptoms that occur as a result of poor indoor air quality (IAQ) are asthma, allergies, headaches, and dizziness.

Poor indoor air quality promotes absenteeism in both work and schools.  Maintaining proper indoor air quality is crucial for the health of the inhabitants of a building.  The efficiency of the HVAC system to regulate indoor air quality relies heavily on HVAC filters.

There are many choices with regard to air filters:

  • Automatic Roll Filters
  • Disposable Panel Filters
  • Pleated Filters
  • Medium and High Efficiency Bag Filters
  • Mini-Pleated Filters
  • Rigid Cell Filters
  • Bulk Media and Pre-cut Pads

Low efficiency filters are used most often to keep the lint and dust from clogging the heating and cooling coils of your HVAC system.  Medium and high efficiency filters are generally used for removing bacteria, pollen, soot, and other small particles–with medium being used mainly in commercial buildings as they do not clog as often as the high efficiency filters.  Modern filters use synthetic media comprised of thermally bonded, continuous hydrophobic polyolefin fibers that resist moisture and bacterial growth.  They also resist shedding and keep loose fibers away from the HVAC coils and the air that we breathe.

When purchasing filters, consider factors such as moisture resistance, temperature compatibility, and flammability before making a selection.  Filters should be changed at regular intervals of every 3 months or as recommended by your HVAC system manufacturer.

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