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How Long Does A/C Repair Typically Take for Atlanta Homes?

How Long Does A/C Repair Typically Take for Atlanta Homes? | Anytime HVACMany homeowners know the confusion that goes into assessing whether or not their A/C systems are in need of repair or replacement. Often, a call to a local HVAC service provider is the next step. Once a maintenance appointment has been scheduled, the next question to ask is: “How long does A/C repair typically take for Atlanta homes?”How Long Does A/C Repair Typically Take for Atlanta Homes?

Dependent upon what sort of A/C maintenance is needed, repairs may take varying amounts of time to complete. For example:

Broken Compressors

If your A/C system isn’t cooling your home enough, or is blowing warm air, it is possible that your compressor could be broken. This problem is more complex and may take up to a day or longer to fix, depending on your HVAC service provider. This is because the technicians must ensure they have the parts needed to properly replace your unit’s compressor.

A/C Unit Replacement

If you’ve allowed your A/C system to go without maintenance for months or even years, chances are likely you’ll need a full air conditioner replacement. This process may take days to complete, as a technician will first have to disassemble your current A/C system before replacing it with a new one. Ductwork may need to be replaced as well. Additionally, your home’s thermostat will need to be rewired.

Odd Noises

If your A/C system begins to sound strange, emitting banging noises or strong whirring sounds, you could experiencing a broken belt inside of your unit. Belt replacement only takes a few hours to remedy. These types of repairs are minor in the eyes of HVAC technicians but if ignored, can result in more costly repairs that would take longer periods of time to fix.  

Low Refrigerant

When your A/C unit starts to make a bubbling noise, it could be low on refrigerant. Refrigerant fluid gives your air conditioner the ability to make air flowing throughout your home extra cool. Replacing low refrigerant can be done in a few hours, leaving your A/C colder than ever.

Broken Ductwork

When ductwork becomes leaky or damaged, it can take days to repair. This is because the HVAC technicians will have to travel through walls and into ceilings to troubleshoot problem areas. Replacing ductwork has been known to take weeks when a home’s size is large and the structure is complex.

Anytime HVAC’s Speedy A/C Repair

Anytime HVAC provides quality A/C repair services in a timely manner. From broken compressors to leaky ductwork, each of our technicians is experienced in troubleshooting and correcting a wide range of common A/C problems. They will work diligently to ensure your air conditioning unit is in tip-top shape when you need it most.

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