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What is HVAC Demand Response?

HVAC Services in Atlanta Turning the Thermostat | Anytime HVACBetween elevated HVAC-related electricity bills and the growing awareness of how humanity is impacting the planet, homeowners are looking for better options when it comes to their heating and cooling systems. Manufacturers and energy providers have banded together to create a program that can reduce your power bill and the environmental imprint caused by your HVAC usage. 

Demand response has been rising in popularity since its introduction with the Nest system in 2013. Atlanta HVAC services have also begun picking up on the trend and supporting its implementation. Here is a breakdown of what HVAC demand response is, when it occurs, and how it will benefit you. 

What is Demand Response? 

This is an intelligent program that essentially puts your energy usage in the hands of your energy provider. Smart thermostats monitor and report your usage to your power company. During peak usage hours, it will increase the temperature slightly to help you avoid rate increases and reduce energy consumption. 

This program encourages customers to reduce their usage during peak times and avoid blackouts, brownouts, and unnecessary energy waste. Additionally, intuitive systems like Nest and Honeywell run complex algorithms that consider your occupancy, settings, and preferences to anticipate your needs. 

When Will it Happen? 

Giving control of your thermostat over to anyone, let alone a power company, can be an intimidating step to make. Understanding the times when the response demand program occurs will help relieve some of this stress.  

There are multiple occasions in which it will activate, but you will have control over your system most the time. Here are a few examples of times the program enables: 

  • High outdoor temperatures 
  • Powerline damage 
  • Scheduled maintenance 

These occurrences are few and far between but can be incredibly costly to both you and the environment when they happen. 

How Much Will You Benefit? 

Did you know that companies charge as much as seven times the normal rate during popular usage hours? It’s hard to know when a shift from “normal usage” to “peak usage” happens, and this leaves you in an unfortunate position as a consumer. 

This disposition is where owning a smart thermostat is incredibly advantageous. Since the energy provider always knows when they go into peak usage, they can immediately adjust your system to save money. You don’t need to be concerned about them sweating you out either; the typical shift is between 4 and 5 degrees warmer than your current setting. 

In addition to potentially saving you hundreds of dollars per billing cycle, the response programs make a huge impact on the environment. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your one system won’t make a difference, but if a million people are participating in this effort, the impact is monumental. Demand response programs result in less stress on power companies and less demand for the need of natural resources. 

Manufacturers and providers are doing their part to save you money and protect our environment, but they need your help. Take a step in the right direction by saving money and energy with an intelligent thermostat that is demand-response compatible. If you have further questions on the program, installation services, or any HVAC requests, contact Anytime Heating, Cooling and Plumbing today! 

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