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Atlanta HVAC Maintenance Checklist

HVAC Technician | Anytime HVACApathy towards HVAC maintenance is something many people struggle with. You have regular visits planned to get your car checked, but HVAC maintenance is probably not on your radar, even if you are the most meticulous planner. Even though HVAC units don’t give the same noticeable sounds and signs to let you know they’re needing maintenance, neglecting your HVAC maintenance can be just as troublesome as neglecting you car. Knowing what an Atlanta HVAC Company will cover in a checkup may just be the motivation you need to schedule your HVAC maintenance service.

Freeing Up Airflow

Without airflow, your HVAC unit won’t be able to properly carry cool or hot air through the ducts of your house. The first thing to check is the air filter. It’s something that even you as the consumer can check, but you may need an HVAC technician to check it during the maintenance visit. Your technician will be glad to show you where it is located for future reference. Filters should be changed as often as every month if your house has a lot of dust factors. At minimum, a filter should be replaced every 3 months.

Blowers should also be checked for dust buildup, which can slow down the efficiency of air movement. As little as a 10th of an inch of dust can reduce your system’s efficiency by 20 percent. Blowers can become so clogged that they don’t circulated air at all. This causes the furnace to burn too hot, shortening its lifespan.

AC Check


In order to work effectively, AC units need to have good airflow across the coils — specifically in the outside unit and in the evaporator unit in the house — to remove heat effectively from your home, producing a cooling effect. If coils are clogged with dirt, then the air can’t play its part in making your AC unit run.

Condensate Drain 

Condensate drains have to be maintained because of their tendency to clog with yard debris at their output points. Also, if the indoor part of your AC unit is in the basement, then sometimes a pump is required to remove liquid condensation up out of the basement from the house. If this pump is broken, you run into problems with moisture accumulation in the basement.

Refrigerant Levels 

AC units require specific refrigerant levels on the high pressure side of the unit, and on the low side as well. If refrigerant is too low, then the AC won’t cool correctly. If it is too high, then the stress will cause the unit to work harder than it needs to, using unnecessary energy and wearing out the unit quicker.

Heater Check

Heat pump   

Heat pumps are an efficient way to heat your house during Georgia’s mild winters. A heat pump is basically an AC unit running in reverse. Since it has similar coils to an AC unit, they will have to be cleaned to keep your heat pump running well.


A furnace needs a lot of safety-related checks, because it burns gas or fuel, which has carbon dioxide emissions as a byproduct. A technician will check to make sure that carbon dioxide is being removed from your house properly. Burners will be checked to see if they need cleaning, and heat exchangers will be checked for cracks. Dirty burners or cracked heat exchangers can lead to inefficient or unsafe burning.

Your HVAC Will Thrive with a Maintenance Check

Anytime Heating and Cooling Inc. will gladly come and do a 30-point inspection of your HVAC system. Don’t be surprised if it needs some maintenance. The plus side is that by having our licensed technicians perform a maintenance check, you’ll save way more money in the long run than you’ll spend on the service call. As an added bonus, maintenance will lessen the chance of a catastrophic failure in the middle of summer heat or during the winter cold. Contact Anytime Heating and Cooling Inc. today!


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