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– Today we’re going to talk about humidifiers.
– In the wintertime, gas heat, in particular, dries out the air a little more than electric heat.
– Even electric heating systems can dry out the air.
– When I say that, I mean, it gets, it removes humidity and it gets to the point where it’s too dry.
– So, we have on this system a steam humidifier and, what happens is the humidity falls in the home, there’s actually a thermostat, just like the thermostat controls the temperature for your heater, your cooling, and it actually controls the humidity.
– So, what happens is, if the humidity gets to too low in the home, it will bring on the steam humidifier, it will bring on the furnace blower, and it will put humidity into the house and you can control humidity just like you can temperature.
-So, basically, if it gets too low, it comes on, starts humidifying the home, and then it will shut off at once you reach the desired humidity setting level.
– One of the big things that we find a lot of times in the summer time, people, unfortunately, will get water damage on the ceiling from units that are, that are frozen.
– When the water, ice melts, water goes into the drain pan.
– Hopefully, the pan is set up correctly to catch the water; it doesn’t always happen.
– Another situation is a drain line.
– Systems that are located in attics, the drain lines are usually exceptionally long.
– They have to run across an attic, down an outside wall, down to the air conditioner outside.
– So, this situation, we’re in a basement.
– So, this, the drain line’s very short here.
– But, we also have special safety switches for attic systems.
– So, when we put a system in the attic, we also install with every one of our new installations, we install what’s called an auxiliary drain line switch.
– It’s an extra switch that goes in, if the drain line itself clogs, it shuts the system off.
– We prefer to add those because we want to stop the water before it ever even becomes a flood.
– So, we stopped the water there.
– Those systems, systems in attics, also have drain pans with safety switches in them, as well.

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