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IAQ and Common Pollution Sources

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) articles generally reference the pollutants that can affect air quality. Are you familiar with the pollutants that may be found in or around your home?

They fall into two main categories:

Particulate matter includes dust, smoke, pollen, animal dander, particles generated from combustion appliances such as cooking stoves, and any particles associated dust mites, molds, bacteria, and viruses.

Gaseous pollutants come from combustion processes, examples include gas cooking stoves and vehicle exhaust. Also in this category: building materials, furnishings, adhesives, paints, varnishes, cleaning products, and pesticides.

The most basic improvement you can make to your Indoor Air Quality is to remove the source of pollution. Review the list and remove as many sources as possible. Other important factors in improving IAQ include proper ventilation and the use of air cleaners.

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