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Importance of Regular HVAC Maintenance in Marietta

For the people of Marietta spring means wildly unpredictable weather; one day everything will be covered in ice and the next day will be a balmy 75 degrees. Such inconsistent temperatures mean it’s especially important that your HVAC maintenance be up to date.

Maintaining your heating and air conditioning unit involves much more than simply changing out the air filter. While making sure the air filter is replaced every 90 days (more often if you have pets) is important, there are many more maintenance steps that are best left to a professional.

Be Prepared to Beat the Heat

Imagine that on the first really hot day of the year you turn on your air conditioning unit on, eagerly waiting for a nice cool blast of air – and nothing happens. You’re stuck, hot and frustrated, needing a very expensive repair.

Regular maintenance will keep your unit in working order and catch any problems while they’re still minor and inexpensive to fix. Something as simple as dirty coils can greatly reduce the life of your system in addition to raising energy costs.

Stay One Step Ahead

Even as Summer draws near it’s important to already be thinking ahead to the start of next winter. Any minor problems that may exist in your heating system will only get worse if neglected until the system is needed again.

The importance of heating system maintenance goes beyond comfort; gas or oil connections that are not properly maintained have the potential to cause health problems and fire hazards. An HVAC maintenance professional will be able to spot any potential issues early so you can get them fixed before they become big problems.

Save Money and Time

Regular maintenance can save you hundreds of dollars in monthly energy costs simply by making sure your unit is running efficiently. If you notice that your air conditioning unit is running all the time or that there are cracks or rust on your heating unit, call an HVAC professional immediately as these may be symptoms of much bigger issues.

Marietta’s inconsistent spring weather means that your HVAC unit will likely be doing something different every day. Regular maintenance will help ensure that everything is working the way it should, hot or cold.

Summer and winter are very busy times for HVAC professionals so it’s best not to wait until the seasons have fully changed to schedule a maintenance appointment. Scheduling maintenance visits around when the spring and fall time changes occur is a good idea, but having your annual visits set up in advance will alleviate the hassle of having to remember to schedule your appointments and ensure that you get an appointment schedule that works for you.

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