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The Importance of Regular HVAC Maintenance  

HVAC Maintenance | Anytime HVACThe seasons change, but one thing should always stay constant in your house. This constant should be the desired temperature that you want your home to be. It should always be easily achievable. Over time, foregoing regular maintenance may seem convenient. However, the performance of your system slowly degrades over time as a result, leaving you without the cooling or heating you need. Scheduling an Atlanta HVAC company could be the best decision that you make for the comfort of your home this year. Here is why.

Reduce Emergency Repairs

Fixing your unit on an emergency basis can leave you at the mercy of the summer heat or winter cold while repair or replacement is performed. Tuning up your HVAC system regularly will ensure that it can keep running year-round. Schedule your next tune up to avoid costly emergency repairs.

Healthy Air

A dirty HVAC system is an environment where mold and bacteria can thrive. This produces more allergy problems for those in your household. A clean filter will do a better job of trapping air particles and help prevent contaminated air from being pulled in from places like the attic and crawl space. A clean heat pump or AC coil will also provide a healthier environment.

System Longevity

Getting a regular tune up to your HVAC system can increase its usable life by up to 40 percent. That means, with proper maintenance, you can push paying for a new system well into the future. This is important for your budget, because a new system can cost thousands.

Lower Utility Bills

Who doesn’t want to spend less money on something that they pay for each month? You can make this happen by getting regular maintenance done each year. Many companies offer maintenance plans that provide a complete system check every year.


All gas or oil burning furnaces put off carbon dioxide, no matter how efficient they are. This odorless gas is poisonous and can invade your living space if it is not vented properly out the roof of your home. Older furnaces that are not properly maintained produce more of this gas. During a regular maintenance tune up, technicians will check for proper gas venting and make sure that it is burning properly, so you can rest assured that your home is safe.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Anytime Heating and Cooling Inc. has a 30-point heater tune up as well as a 30-point AC tune up that will keep your system going. We will look at things like air quality, ventilation, comfort levels in each room, and energy consumption. It’s time to take care of your HVAC system with Anytime Heating and Cooling Inc. We promise to pay extra attention to every detail of your system to ensure an extended lifetime. Contact at Anytime Heating and Cooling Inc. today.



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