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Is it Time to Consider a New HVAC System?

We all wait to replace our household appliances until the bitter end, putting off major purchases until they can wait no longer.  It is the same with our heating and air conditioning units.  Most of us don’t want to incur the cost, however, we end up spending more money in the long run due to numerous repairs, inefficiency, and high energy bills.

If your system is approaching the ten-year mark, contact us at Anytime Heating and Cooling, Inc. We’ll be glad to perform a system inspection and assess the state of your unit.  Newer, more efficient models keep you cooler while costing you less.  Our technicians can combine your usage information, inspection data, and your current energy costs to help you determine whether replacement is the best option.  We can perform a cost/benefit analysis to determine the value of a new system versus maintaining your old system.

We especially recommend an inspection if your system is making a lot of noise or if it does not seem to cool the house properly.  The worst time to find out that you need a new system is when it breaks down during a summer heat wave.

Call an Anytime Heating & Cooling, Inc. to schedule an appointment for maintenance and inspection of your heating and cooling system.  Let our professionals help you to determine your best options.
Anytime Heating & Cooling serves metro Atlanta and surrounding areas. Anytime HVAC service technicians are skilled in A/C repair and service; heating and cooling system maintenance; and the installation of new air conditioning units. The experts at Anytime Heating & Cooling are ready to help you anytime–offering 24/7 emergency service, scheduled appointments, and free estimates for new A/C systems. Call today (770) 504-5881 or schedule online.

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