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What Does It Mean to be a Licensed Heating Company in Atlanta? 

What Does It Mean to be a Licensed Heating Company in Atlanta? | Anytime HVACWhen a person drives a car, possessing a license means that they have passed the appropriate test and are approved to drive in the state the license is issued in. This ensures safety on the road for them and other drivers. The same concept is true of a licensed HVAC technician in the state of Georgia.

Any Atlanta heating company you hire should be licensed in the state of Georgia, passing the appropriate tests. If they aren’t licensed, the HVAC install could be compromised. This could be dangerous due to the fact that HVAC systems deal with the potential fire hazard of electricity and combustible gas, not to mention the harmful effects of carbon monoxide if leaked into your home or business.

Licensing in Georgia

The state of Georgia makes sure that not just anyone is out there doing HVAC work. This is enforced by the Georgia Construction License Issuing Board. Their job is to make sure that consumers are protected. This covers financial protection, safety of HVAC work, and construction defects.

The board issues licenses and renews them. They also take steps against violations. Tests are issued and require a certain score to pass. Certain certifications require specific amounts of field experience or classroom time. Licenses have two class designations:

Class 1

A Class 1 license requires proof of 4 years of experience. It allows work on systems up to 60,000 BTU for cooling and 175,000 BTU of heating.

Class 2

A Class 2 license requires 5 years of experience and proof of on-the-job experience with larger systems. This class of license doesn’t have any system size restrictions, so technicians can work on systems of any size.

Both licenses require achieving a score of 70 or above on the appropriate examination. They also require 3 references that consist of any combination of the following: architect, inspector, licensed AC contractor, or professional engineer.

NATE Certified

Going a level above the required minimum training is an added bonus. NATE (North American Technician Excellence) is a nationally recognized and respected certification for HVAC. It’s not required, but it certainly boosts the credibility of any HVAC company, validating its knowledge and expertise.

The Right HVAC Company in Atlanta

Finding a licensed company is important. Anytime HVAC has a class 2 license, so we can handle any size job that comes our way. More importantly, this means that Anytime will work hard to make sure that each job we do not only meets but exceeds Georgia standards for HVAC installation. That’s why our technicians are also NATE certified.

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