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National Trivia Day

Did You Know Sign | Anytime HVACTrivia was created by college students in the 1960’s as a result of nostalgia for the interesting facts of their youth. It has evolved over the years and still gives much enjoyment to participants who try to answer fun questions. In ancient times, trivia meant “something new.” Celebrate National Trivia Day by learning something new with these amazing facts about HVAC from your Atlanta HVAC company.

A Theatre for HVAC to Perform

Movie theaters were the first places to have air conditioning. People went to watch summer blockbusters and find some respite from the intense heat. Theatres also led the way in innovation for heating. Floor heaters shaped like mushrooms kept movie goers warm in the 1930’s. The only problem was that these heaters brought foot odors and dust up from the floor. Obviously, they are no longer in use today.

Paper was Cool Before People

Modern air conditioning was not invented for keeping people cool, but to keep temperatures low in a publishing house while regulating humidity. This kept paper from changing shape, making it easier to work with. Next time you feel air conditioning coming out of vents, remember to thank paper and Willis Carrier — the man who made it all possible.

AC Shortened Vacations

Factories and office buildings would shut down for the month of August before air conditioning came into use because it was too hot to work indoors. Now, thanks to air conditioning, we can work year-round. Don’t be discouraged — working in air conditioning is probably a lot better than a vacation in the 100-degree heat.

You Can’t Take the Heat

Air conditioning actually conditions you to want more and reduces the body’s natural tolerance for heat. If you work in an office building all summer long, take extra precautions when you head outside over the weekend since your body might not be able to take the heat. Extra water and not overdoing it will help keep you from heat exhaustion.

AC Created Prosperity

Economic growth in the southern United States benefitted greatly from air conditioning. In fact, 60% of the economic growth in the U.S. that has occurred since 1960 took place in the south and can be directly attributed to air conditioning. Places like Arizona, Florida, and Las Vegas have seen a marked increase in business, tourism, and population thanks to air conditioning offsetting their hotter climates.

HVAC Helps Your Prosperity

The fact is that having your home set at the right temperature will make your day more productive and comfortable. In addition, getting the right service and equipment installed in your house or business by Anytime HVAC can save you hundreds on your annual energy bill. Our regular maintenance program prevents HVAC failures, so every day can be a good one.

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