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Why An Onset of Ice Means You Need Air Conditioning Repair

The summer is a time for the beach and the pool, snow cones on hot sunny days or maybe a pitcher of icy lemonade. Naturally, we gravitate toward cool water and frozen treats; but afterwards, we enjoy coming inside to escape the heat and humidity. AC Unit Repair | Anytime HVACFor many unlucky campers, summertime also means frozen air conditioners and air conditioning repair. If you’ve ever walked outside to find a fresh coat of ice engulfing your A/C unit, then you’re in desperate need of air conditioning repair. Understanding the underlying causes of these frozen frights is the first step to mitigating internal heat accumulation and overall energy loss.

There are many reasons your A/C unit may accumulate ice. We’ve broken it down to the four fundamental causes and how they affect your home’s internal temperature

1. Blocked air flow to evaporator coil. Inside your A/C unit, warm air is guided across the evaporator coil to cool and expel cold air. If this process is not occurring, then the heat exchange cannot take place and the Freon cannot absorb heat.

2. Refrigerate leak. Another common issue occurs from refrigerate leaks. These leaks lead to less Freon and lower pressure in your A/C system. Whenever you have a leak, it’s best to consult a local A/C repair business immediately; otherwise, you may be forced to purchase a costly new unit.

3. Mechanical failure. Physical obstructions, like a bend in a refrigerate line or a clogged filter, can adversely affect the internal pressure of your unit. An improper balance can quickly lead to ice accumulation or a total unit freeze over.

4. Improper temperature range. Additionally, A/C system freezes can occur due to running your unit outside the recommended temperature range. Air conditioning systems are created to operate within a precise temperate range.

Ice greatly reduces the effectiveness of your A/C and may facilitate a total system failure. When freezing occurs, it is evident that something is altering the flow of warm air across the evaporator coil, which causes the coil to cool more than necessary. When this occurs, the refrigerate is absorbing less heat and failing to transport it outside for compression.

Overall, we love the summer for the sunny days and warm weather. However, we don’t want this sticky heat and humidity to invade the sanctity of our homes. Without a doubt, the freezing of A/C units is the number one cause for air conditioning repair. In fact, we experience frozen units everyday here in the beautiful city of Atlanta. If you or your neighbors are experiencing such issues, you’ll want to contact an air conditioning repair business as soon as possible to avoid extensive damage and costly repairs to your A/C system.

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