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Outdoor Air Conditioner Units

Transcript discussing Outdoor Air Conditioning Units with CEO, Jason Bergstrom

– Hi, I’m Jason Bergstrom with Anytime Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing.
– Today, I was going to talk about air conditioners outside.
– A lot of times, homeowners kind of forget about them because they’re sitting outside.
– You don’t see them every day, necessarily.
– A lot of times homeowners will build landscaping around them to block them.
– So, they’re not real visible.
– They build, sometimes, privacy fences around them.
– The most important thing to remember is an air conditioner has to have air going through the oils outside.
– So, if you have any shrubbery or you put any fences around them, you need to make sure you leave enough clearance and keep the stuff trimmed back so they can have enough airflow.
– If they don’t have enough airflow, they will not work properly and they’ll end up failing sooner than later.
– One of the things that we do is maintain them.
– As you can see, these air conditioners have a lot of mold and debris on them right now.
– That same mold and debris will be inside behind this case.
– You have the condenser coil section and that same stuff you see here will be building up on the inside.
– So, these coils are supposed to transfer heat.
– As they get dirty, they cannot do that.
– So, it’s important to clean them.
– We chemically clean as part of our maintenance plan to remove all this debris, which will make the air conditioner last longer and be running as efficiently as it’s supposed to.
– One symptom, if you ever have an air conditioner that stops working, it wouldn’t hurt to walk outside and check if you look down at the freon lines coming in.
– If you see any white ice, that’s a symptom if it’s frozen.
– You should never see any ice on any of the lines.
– The large line that has white ice on it’s frozen.
– That means that it’s going to be frozen really bad inside of the evaporator core wherever your indoor units located.
– So, immediately, you should shut the system off and let it start thawing out.
– One of the things to check if you have a failure with air conditioner, there’s a disconnect box outside that cuts the power off.
– Some of those are a pull style disconnect and some are a breaker style disconnect.
– Sometimes the breaker can trip outside in that disconnect box, rather than inside of your electrical panel.
– That’s always something to check first that you can do yourself.
– If you’ve checked your breakers outside, if you see a frozen line, then you definitely need to call Anytime to come out and take a look at your system and do a professional diagnosis.

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