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Reasons Lennox is a Great Choice for Your Next AC Installation

Lennox Air Conditioning System | Anytime HVACInside the Lennox Air Conditioning System

Shopping AC installation? Learn what’s current with Lennox, which was founded in 1895, and has been on a long mission to create new definitions in the home comfort industry.

The latest innovation is The Lennox Ultimate Comfort System, which provides you with the best overview of the Lennox brand of products.

This is both an AC and heating system, which includes an iComfort S30 smart thermostat.

It has these features:

  • XC25/XP25 Air Conditioner or Heat Pump
  • Continuous functioning and quiet of the CBX4OUHV Air Handler
  • iHarmony Zoning
  • PureAir Whole-Home Filtration

What the System Does for Temperature Setting

The advanced temperature setting gets instant response from the system, which is powerful enough to change the air quality in the home immediately.

The accuracy is within 0.5 degrees to what you set, which is due to Lennox Precise Comfort technology, and the powerful adjusting motor.

Variable Speed Airflow

Because the motor operates like the dimmer on a light, it allows the system to start and stop in nearly total silence. This also creates even temperatures.

Consider the difference between variable speed airflow and that which is provided by commonly by other systems. When started, the over or under blow. They can also chortle or hiccup when activated or shut down.

Seamless activation, running and deactivation are made possible by a variable speed motor.

  • In a single stage motor there is only one speed.
  • Two-stage motors offer more differentiation in cycles – a low and high.

But only a variable speed motor keeps pace with the needs of the temperature, so it’s consistent without cycling. It creates a dynamic environment. In fact, variable speed allows 1 percent increments of increased or decrease air conditioning, allowing more conservation of energy and long life for the machine.

Smart Away Mode

This is where the Internet of Things attaches itself to your AC. Now you don’t have to program your thermostat to know when you’re gone…it knows by tracking the GPS in your smartphone.

Then it adjusts the temperature automatically to retain efficiency. When you come back home, it readjusts to your optimum level of comfort.

Zone Thermostat System

Every area of the house can be fitted with its own thermostat. These monitors will detect the temperature in each section and keep it at a unique constant just in that area.

The main thermostat can control each of these areas from a single location, allowing you to increase the flow to one area of the home, and decrease it from another.

It Helps You Breath Cleaner Air

AC’s typically give you the illusion of clean air. However, they’re recycling your air and merely removing the heat. In fact, over time the components build up a slimy residue from the chemicals and dust in your home.

However, with the PureAir air purification system, fresh air enters your home. The thermostat also checks on the air quality and pollen levels in your zip code, and turns the fan on automatically when the outdoor levels of pollutants are higher.

Using Solar Power to Power Your Home

The addition of solar modules used to power the unit can also take any extra energy and channel them to your other appliances or electronic devices.

More Selection

While these are the highest level offerings of the Dave Lennox Signature Collection, there are a multitude of options for every budget: These include the Elite, which offers high efficiency, multi-stage cooling, and the Merit Series, which offers affordable and efficient cooling.

To find AC units and systems that will work best in your home call the specialists at Anytime to get the right data about what your home requires, and what systems will work best in your environment.


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