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Are You Running Your AC Too Much in the Summer?

Indoor climate control is crucial during this warm time of year. Although you want your home to be as cool and comfortable as possible, constantly running the AC is also running up your electricity bill. You could be unknowingly overworking your unit. If you’re concerned about how much you’re running your AC this summer, taking a few preventative steps can save you in the long run. Consider hiring an Atlanta cooling services company if your AC unit still isn’t doing its job.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

Your thermostat does not need to be running around the clock, even on the warmest days. When installing or updating your thermostat, place it on a wall that’s not in direct sunlight or near a drafty door or window. Those locations will tamper with the accuracy of the thermostat’s reading and display.

Purchasing a programmable thermostat enables you to control your air even, and especially, when you’re away from home. You’ll want the temperature to fluctuate to slightly warmer when you’re out of the house. At night, give your AC the much-needed break it needs while everyone is resting, and program your thermostat to turn down the air. By altering the thermostat by just ten to fifteen degrees for eight hours a day, you can save up to 10% a year on your cooling bill. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends keeping it at 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Perform a Home Energy Audit

Your AC may be working too hard, but it’s not at fault. Inspecting a few areas around your home may reduce its workload. Your home’s outdated and inefficient insulation enables precious cool air to escape. The caulking around your doors and windows may be old, dry, and crumbling, also resulting in escaping air. Finally, if your windows and doors are older, they become drafty, permitting warm air into the house. Doing a quick scan of each of these areas in the house could get you save you money on your next electricity bill.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

Atlanta Cooling Services Fan Blowing | Anytime HVACUsing a ceiling fan can take some of the pressure off your AC unit, but be aware they’re not guaranteed to make the room feel equivalent to full AC. However, according to the National Resource Defense Council, they can make a room feel ten degrees cooler, and they use ten percent of the energy of a central air conditioner, saving you money.

To take it up a notch, investing in a smart fan makes your life easier and cooler. Through a mobile app, you control the times when your fan turns on and off, and the speed without having to pull a chain. Before finding a comfortable speed, though, be sure your blades are blowing air downward, typically in a counter-clockwise direction. Switch it clockwise in the winter to blow air upward. Whether you have a smart or traditional fan, turn them off before leaving the house to save on your electricity bill.

Call the HVAC Experts

Proper HVAC maintenance not only drives down electricity costs, it also creates a better, healthier home environment and extends the life of your unit. If your AC system needs to be serviced, contact Anytime Heating, Cooling and Plumbing or give us a call at 770-504-5881 to schedule an appointment today.

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