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Save Money with Smart Thermostats

Most of the new smart thermostats allow you to set four different temperatures throughout the day. Setting the thermostat lower at times when you are away from home, saves additional energy and therefore money. You can also set the thermostat lower at night during winter (higher during summer). This saves an enormous amount on your utility bills and keeps your home comfortable while you sleep. Some of the smart thermostats are able to sense both the indoor and outdoor temperatures and determine the right time to begin heating in the morning. Warming your home so that it is ready when you are ready to start your day.

Smart thermostats are easy to program and have their own internal power storage so you can take them from the wall and program them while sitting at your kitchen table. You can also select a thermostat that is of a simpler design, with a backlit touch screen display. Programming is a process of following a touch screen menu.

Smart thermostats are designated by their temperature programming capabilities:  7, 5+2 or 5+1+1.  A 7 day thermostat allows you to program a different temperature schedule every day of the week. Generally, this type is your best choice. A 5+2 day thermostat provides for the same schedule every weekday and allows you to program another for the weekend. A 5+1+1 day model allows you to have the same schedule on weekdays with dfferent settings for Saturday and/or Sunday schedules.

The thermostat wiring is low-voltage and color-coded for simple installation. If you have a relatively new furnace or central air conditioner with a variable-speed blower, it would be best to have a professional install one for you.

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