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When to Schedule an HVAC Maintenance Appointment This Year

When to Schedule an HVAC Maintenance Appointment | Anytime HVACThe end of the year always gets busy. It’s easy to forgo maintenance. Once fall starts in earnest and the temperatures turn cold in Atlanta you’ll go to turn on the heat in your house. There is only one problem – it’s been a good six months since you’ve used it. Will your heater fire up? It’s going to be a chilly night if it doesn’t. Calling an Atlanta HVAC company for an emergency call is always expensive, while preventative maintenance is more cost effective.

Maintenance is Needed

Think of maintenance for your HVAC unit in the same way that you would your car. If you are going on a long trip, you want to check and make sure everything is working correctly. It’s the same with your HVAC. It needs a maintenance check and possible tune up to make the trip through winter to getting you warmly and safely delivered to spring. Doing the same maintenance check during spring, before the AC gets cranked up for the summer, can ensure a cool trip through summer.

Fall is The Time to Schedule for Heater Maintenance

Fall is the time of year when the temperatures are mild, and your HVAC system is taking a break from working so hard. Your HVAC technician will have to turn off the unit while working on it. In the fall, you might not even notice that the system is off while any necessary maintenance is done. It’s important to note that different types of heaters require different maintenance.


For a gas burning heater, it is important to make sure exhaust gases are carried out of a flue vent that is properly installed and in good condition. Doing so removes harmful carbon monoxide properly from your home.

Heat Pump

If you have a heat pump, it will need to have the coils cleaned to ensure efficient heating.

Spring is for AC Maintenance

Spring is the other perfect time to schedule maintenance before you need to crank the AC for summertime temps. Cleaning coils and checking fluid levels and motors are all things that a maintenance appointment can cover. Electrical connections are also checked for tightness and integrity.

Planning Ahead

Homeowners usually fall into the categories of planners or procrastinators. Even the people who plan run into difficulty sometimes if life gets busy. Either way, since HVAC is now on your radar, the time has come to plan your repair. Your house plays such an important role in your wellbeing and day-to-day comfort. It will be both rewarding and comforting to know that you are taking care of such a vital part of your house by scheduling a maintenance checkup.

Anytime HVAC

It all comes down to the fact that a bit of preventative maintenance will save you a lot of money in heating and cooling bills, and Anytime HVAC is available to make that happen. We offer comprehensive inspection of 30 key points on your HVAC system that will keep it running efficiently and safely year-round. Get on top of your game by contacting Anytime to check your system.


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