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Signs Your Atlanta Home Needs A New Air Conditioning System

We all know the feeling of desperation when something goes wrong with our air conditioning system, especially during the warmer months of the year. In Atlanta, summer can be uncomfortable and if you’re left without A/C, you may regret neglecting to fix or replace it when the weather was more pleasant.

If you’re noticing something isn’t right with your air conditioning New Air Conditioning Unit | Atlanta AC Service | Anytime HVACsystem, your best bet is to find a reliable Atlanta A/C service to find and fix your cooling issue.

What To Look For

Taking preventative action can prevent you from suffering when you need the cold air conditioning the most.

First, always pay attention to when you’re first turning your air conditioning system on for the first time during the spring or summer. Any problems with your system will most likely be noticeable at this time.

  • No Cold Air – If your system is on full blast but there’s no cold air coming out, it could mean your system’s compressor has failed or Freon levels are too low.
  • Poor Air Flow – Slow-flowing air through your air conditioning vents may mean your compressor is failing. If certain rooms are cooler than others, there may be a problem with air ducts that distribute cold air throughout your home.
  • Thermostat Problems – Sometimes it’s not the core of the A/C system that’s the problem but what controls your system. If you’re turning your system on in your home but air isn’t flowing, there could be a wiring issue preventing you from staying cool.
  • Odd Sounds – This can be one of the easiest ways to notice something is wrong with your air conditioning system. Squealing, grating and grinding sounds might be a sign you’re due for a replacement. Failure to respond to these sounds could mean further damage that could cost you more money.
  • Strange Odors – Are you smelling something foul from your air conditioning vents? It could mean your system’s wire insulation has burned out. Any musty smells generally let you know there’s mold build-up inside of your unit or ductwork throughout your home.

Atlanta’s A/C Service

If your system is fairly new and is already causing you problems, poor maintenance may be the culprit. While you may assume that a new system should run great and not require maintenance, systems that run your air conditioning from the outside can be exposed to harsh weather elements.

From dirt and dust to water damage, catching these problem causers before they begin to affect your system means you’ll save money and time.

The easiest fix for problems involving your air conditioning system is routine maintenance. To maintain a working system that provides you cold air and energy savings, regular maintenance is necessary.

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