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Smart Vs. Programmable Thermostats

Older Man's Hand Setting Programmable Thermostat | Anytime HVACThere are three main types of thermostats on the market today — manual, programmable, and smart models. Manual thermostats have a number of drawbacks, mainly in their limited accuracy and inability to adjust to temperature changes automatically. That leaves programmable and smart thermostats. If you already have a programmable thermostat, is it worth is to switch out to smart programming? Before you call HVAC services in Atlanta to do a new install, here’s what you need to know when comparing programmable and smart thermostats.

What Makes a Smart Thermostat So Smart?

While programmable thermostats let you set temperature settings and ranges to adjust based on the time of day, smart thermostats take it a step further.

Remember when you first made the switch from a regular cell phone to a smart phone? There were so many features and options that made the smartphone easy to use and an essential accessory for your day-to-day life. The same can be said of smart thermostats. Their programming learns your behaviors, gives you remote control over your home’s climate and can show you your energy consumption in real time.

Fortunately, unlike programmable thermostats that can be confusing to set and monitor, most smart thermostats come with easy-to-follow menus, simple controls, and are designed to be user-friendly.

Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

Depending on the season, you can tell a smart thermostat to shut off when the house is empty, and either warm up or cool down the interior shortly before you arrive home at the end of the day.

If you have a zoned HVAC system, a smart thermostat can control the zones separately, only heating or cooling the areas that need it.

You can access information about your smart thermostat on your phone or computer with a Wi-Fi connection, which allows you to see what you’re spending in energy costs. As you tweak your climate control system, you’ll be able to see if your programming is saving you money or not.

Will a Smart Thermostat Save You Money?

Smart thermostats tend to be expensive, but if you plan to stay in your home for a while, the investment will pay itself off over time.

If you’re prone to forgetting to turn off or adjust your thermostat before leaving home for the day, a smart thermostat can save you a ton on your energy costs. They allow you to go about your day-to-day activities while they quietly manage your home’s temperature.

With the correct thermostat, your home can be comfortable without needlessly high energy bills. Since 2000, Anytime Heating & Cooling has provided HVAC services to the Atlanta area, including installing smart thermostat technology. Contact us or call 770-504-5881 today to learn more about how you can make your heating and cooling system more energy efficient.

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