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Atlanta Air Conditioning Maintenance | A/C FAQ | Anytime Heating and CoolingSummers in Atlanta are known to be relentless — countless days see temperatures reach above 90 with humidity levels adding to the potential discomfort many will feel outside of their home.

As a place of refuge from the sweltering heat, your home requires a fully functional air conditioning unit to maintain your home’s overall comfort.

Whether your unit is damaged now, or you are simply scheduling maintenance, knowledge is key to making sure your unit is operating properly when you need it most. Let’s address the most frequent questions asked regarding A/C systems and find out what to look for in AC repair.

Common Questions About HVAC Maintenance and Repair

Asking the right questions will ultimately get you the best results and cool satisfaction once the air starts blowing again.

Is My Unit Broken?

In some homes, electrical wiring can create a shortage in your thermostat, causing you not to be able to turn your air conditioning on. For other instances, you may simply need to add more Freon to your unit to produce cooler air. Many of the fixes aren’t necessarily because of a broken unit but because of smaller issues that can be fixed with cheaper alternatives.

Asking a professional exactly what’s wrong with your air conditioning system could uncover many issues or no issues at all. That’s why free consultations or estimates are ideal for homeowners with new or old air conditioning systems to reduce spending any unnecessary money.

Why Should I Purchase a New Air Conditioning System?

If it turns out that there is a problem with your air conditioning unit, chances are age is to blame. Many units in homes have lasted decades, which means the new homeowner is left with replacing the unit when it has officially died.

There’s a silver lining though if you have to buy a new air conditioning system. HVAC technicians focus on two key benefits when installing a new unit: efficiency and cost savings. They understand that those two benefits can provide the customer with maximum savings while keeping their home cool during the summer months.

Purchasing a new system can be extremely expensive, however, newer units can be as much as 60% more efficient than your original system. In all, paying for your system would help you save money in the long run. These new systems require less maintenance and result in cheaper monthly power bills, which will leave you saving money every month you use it.

Why Should I Perform Routine Maintenance?

Whether you keep your older system or buy a new one, maintenance is always a key part in making sure your unit works and meets your standards. During those hot summer months, A/C units can work non-stop to cool your home even when you’re not there, so the wear and tear on the product can add up quickly.

The constant starting and stopping can wear down your system and if not properly maintained, you could be spending hundreds on repairs or even replacing the whole unit. By doing maintenance, you can maximize your unit’s lifecycle and save money in the process.

Preventative maintenance normally uncovers leaks, rust, rot, soot, frayed wires, and corroded electrical outlets. To the uneducated eye, these issues may seem minor but mentioning these problems to a professional could signal crucial repairs in order for your system to continue to run smoothly.

What Goes Into Installing a New System?

We all worry about the price of a new system but knowing what goes into installing one can help us when doing maintenance checks or just understanding how an A/C unit works.

It’s not just an air conditioning unit that’s being installed; it’s the framework of your home that is looked at too. Many homes with older systems require a full install, which includes vents and ducts to all rooms in the home, new wiring, new thermostats, new piping and other equipment to make sure the home can be cooled properly.

This is important to the homeowner because knowing the pieces of your air conditioning system will allow you to check the key areas where problems could occur. So when getting a new system you’ll have to keep extra costs and work in mind.

How Long Will My Unit Last?

Many systems can last up to 15 years, but that all depends on effective maintenance and service. Dedicated maintenance and upkeep will make it last longer but in some cases, neglect to maintain has caused band-new systems to fail within the first few years of installation.

Are There Any Warranties I Should Be Aware of For My Unit?

A simple piece of paper can save you thousands of dollars. A warranty on your product means if it breaks, you’ll be covered for damages, a new system, and installation. Many air conditioning systems have multi-year warranties and others may have a lifetime warranty on their product. Know your warranty before getting your unit installed.

Aside from the product warranty, your HVAC repair team also works under warranty service. Many professionals provide warranties for their installation as well as maintenance. This insures the service provided will be covered if something is installed incorrectly or a part of your system breaks.

What Options Are Right For Me?

Asking before buying is key when you’re investing a large amount of money into your home’s future, so take the time and ask the right questions to your Atlanta HVAC professional.

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