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The summer season has arrived. We have made this Summer Guide for you. This will keep you cool this summer without blowing your bank. Following these simple and easy DIY hacks will make your summer enjoyable and will save you a lot of money.

As we know, summers are hot and humid with temperatures in the afternoons at near 90 °F (32 °C). Temperatures are rising, bringing us humidity, sweat and heat. Running your air conditioner round the clock can surely keep you cool. But the electricity bill will also show a high spike putting a burden on your pockets.

This doesn’t any way mean that you need can’t stay cool. There are some easy DIY hacks that will help you stay cool during the summer and eventually save you a lot of bucks. that you can use for an upgrade to your summer vacation.

Technical DIY Hacks to Make Your Air Conditioning More Efficient

Many of us already have an air conditioner and doing these simple hacks will make the air conditioners perform best and more efficient.

1. Cleaning and Tuning Central Air Systems Before Starting

During winter these air cooling systems aren’t used. When you stopped using these systems were wet and clogged with dust. If you start using them in as it is, they will take longer to cool your space.

Vacuuming the HVAC and proper tuning up of systems before the first start during summer will make them perform well and cool your rooms in less time, saving you energy charges.

A good cleaning of both Window units and portable air conditioning systems will help them perform at their best. You can do this yourself. Check out this DIY Guide.

2. Shading Your Compressor (Outdoor) Unit

If your compressor unit is without shade, it will take more time to cool the hot air and thus will increase the Electricity Consumption. Putting your compressor unit in a shade will help the Air conditioner to get cooler in less time.

Keeping the compressor unit in North will allow the unit to less exposure to the sun. If not, you don’t need to worry. Plant some climbers or shrubs near it in such a way that they provide a shade to the unit. This will keep the nearby air cool and help the unit to condense the air faster.

Here are 15 Creative Ways to Shade Your Outdoor Unit

Summer Guide

3. Replacing Old Analog Thermostat with Programmable Thermostat

Summer Guide

Analog Thermostats are now old-fashioned and cannot be programmed. The new digital Programmable Thermostats control the temperature by themselves and help you save money. This is all we need.

Program the thermostat to the highest level so that the air condition doesn’t have to start when you aren’t home.

Summer Guide

These programmable thermostats are easily available a very fair price. They really easy to install. If you have some technical know how you can do it yourself or else you can call a licensed electrician.

4. Change Your Old A/C Units with New Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

Changing is an option when you know your A/C isn’t giving you enough and makes you spend more on electricity. This is the time to change it. Though it will put some burden on your pockets initially. But this will help you save a lot in long run.

Let us understand with a simple example:

You have an old A/c which is not performing well enough. You regularly spend money on repairs every now and then during summer. In addition to that, it also consumes high electricity which is again a burden for your pockets.

If these repair and maintenance have cost you around $ 100 – $ 150. Adding some money you could buy a new one. These new Air Conditioning systems will perform well and also save you electricity.

5. Proper Positioning of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans can be very helpful in keeping your house cool in summer. They help in many ways:

– Putting the ceiling fans above the sitting/sleeping area helps to you cool your body temperature and thus you don’t need more decrease the temperature of your air conditioning unit.

– A well-placed fan will make the cool air circulate evenly in your room thus cooling your room faster.

– A study shows that fans can help your skin feel 6-8 degrees cooler.

Summer Guide

6. Covering Your Windows and Doors with Curtains or Shades

If the doors and windows aren’t covered, it will make the room hotter. Your Air conditioner has to work more to cool the house. Keeping them covered with insulating curtains and light blocking shades will help to keep your house cool and ultimately save you money as the A/C takes less time to cool the place.

Summer Guide

7. Changing Light Bulbs to CFLs and LEDs

Compared to the old-fashioned light bulbs, LEDs and CFLs save a lot of energy and give you much better cold light. Those old-fashioned light bulbs or halogens emit more heat and increase the temperature.

Summer Guide

8. Use an Evaporative Cooler

An evaporative cooler is a type of air conditioner that evaporates the water in the system and blows cold air. For places with low humidity, you can skip the air conditioning and use an evaporative cooler. These appliances work with just water and a fan. This helps to drops the air temperature instantly.

Summer Guide

9. Use a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is a device that removes excess moisture from the air. This device is helpful in areas where there the climate is more humid and sticky.

Summer Guide

Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Maytag_dehumidifier1.jpg

Sucking out your home of the moist can help you feel cooler and you need to run your air conditioner less. Instead of an air conditioning, you can use this device.

This ultimate guide will help you choose the perfect dehumidifier for your needs

10. Timely Opening and Closing of Windows

Nights are cooler compared to days in summer. Thus, keeping your windows open during the night will allow the cold air to cool your house and you can have a better sleep. There will be a negligible necessity of using your air conditioners.

Hacks to Keep Your Body Cool

1. Cool Down Your Pulse Points

Your wrists and ankles have pulse points. Running down cold water on these points can help you relax and cool down quickly. Make a habit of doing this as soon as you come back from outside.

Summer Guide

2. Eat Spicy Food

Eating spicy food help to stimulate your circulation and eventually helps you cool down by raising your body temperature. Give it a try, hope you might like it. Indian curries are usually spicy and can be a good option in the hot climate.

Summer Guide

3. Climatize

Climatize means to balance your body temperature by exposing yourself to higher heat levels for some time and then getting back into the house. As you have already felt the heat now the lower temperatures in the house will also feel cool.

Summer Guide

4. Sleeping Alone

During a heat wave, request your partner to let you sleep alone. Sleeping next to each other will make you feel hotter as both the bodies will eliminate heat onto the bed as well as the blanket and make you feel hot. Sleeping alone will give you good sleep as the surrounding air will be cool.

5. Stay on Lower Floor During Heat Wave

Try staying on main floors during a heat wave. Because on top floors, due to direct exposure to the sun, the heat will be more compared to the lower floor or main floor.

Summer Guide

Keeping flat-on beds or making sleeping arrangements during extremely hot conditions on the lower floors will keep the atmosphere cool and help you sleep well.

Following these simple hacks can help you reduce the heat as well as save you a lot of money by decreasing your electricity bills. We hope you enjoy the coolest summer this year.

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