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The Most Sought After Certifications for Atlanta HVAC Companies

Most Sought After Certifications for Atlanta HVAC Companies | Anytime HVACThe task of an HVAC technician should be taken seriously just like with many other labor jobs. Many companies want to ensure their customers feel comfortable and safe with contractors working on their home and inside their homes, so many times they require certifications.

In fact, in order to practice any HVAC work, some states require you to have certifications to prevent any accidents or mishaps from happening due to any of the work done. For an individual looking to join a local HVAC team, here are some of the most sought-after certifications for Atlanta HVAC Companies:

NATE Certification

The first type of certification comes from the North American Technical Excellence, or NATE organization responsible for training and certifying workers who want to work for heating, air conditioning, and ventilation companies.

Technicians earn certifications in the installation and servicing of specific equipment by taking one or more of the following exams:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Air Distribution
  • Oil Furnaces
  • Gas Furnaces
  • Hydronics Oil
  • Hydronics Gas
  • Heat Pumps
  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Ground Source Heat Pump Installation
  • Senior Efficiency Analyst
  • Light Commercial Refrigeration

This type of certification is the most common among HVAC technicians and is required by most HVAC companies that hire contracted HVAC technicians.

HVAC Excellence Certification

Similar to the NATE certification, the HVAC Excellence certification focuses on many general areas of heating and air conditioning but with an emphasis on the electrical aspects of the tasks. These certifications are provided to high school students and up looking to start a career in HVAC work. It isn’t as popular as NATE, but still widely accepted by HVAC companies across the country.

EPA Certification

Another important certification is important to performing tasks appropriately for customers and is required by the Environmental Protection Agency. This certification consists of four types of HVAC technician certifications.

These are needed before a technician can professionally repair, service, or do maintenance on any appliances requiring any kind of refrigerant. HVAC technicians must pass an exam specific to one of three possible specializations – small appliances, high-pressure refrigerants, or low-pressure refrigerants – in order to become EPA-certified.

Type I

Technicians whose primary focus is servicing smaller appliances such as window air conditioners, vending machines, and/or domestic refrigerators, should take this certification exam.

Type II

HVAC technicians working with high-pressure air conditioning and/or heating units should get the type II certification. The exam covers issues related to high-pressure refrigerants including leak detection, leak repair requirements, and refrigeration.

Type III

Technicians who focus primarily on servicing and disposing of equipment with low-pressure refrigerants including chillers may take this certification exam. This also covers knowledge on leak detection, leak repair requirements, recovery techniques, recovery requirements, recharging techniques, and refrigeration.


The combination of type I, II, and III certifications, this exam will allow an HVAC technician to work on any HVAC appliance no matter the size or type. Many technicians choose this exam over others to widen their knowledge of HVAC servicing.

The Importance of Being Certified

When you’re working for an HVAC company, your work represents that company, and any of your mistakes can make an impression too. Many technicians who aren’t certified don’t provide quality service or don’t really care to provide good service. This can be dangerous for HVAC companies who may be liable for any work done by an uncertified employee.

The consequences for the uncertified technician and the company could be monumental, even resulting in the loss of business or the shutting down of the HVAC company. By getting a certification, you’re ensuring your work is of high-quality so HVAC companies can trust you’ll leave customers with a better system than when you arrived.

Choosing to Work for Anytime HVAC in Atlanta

Working in a market like Atlanta can be competitive during the summer when air conditioning is an essential need for every homeowner. A certified technician can provide high-quality work at a decent pace to ensure all customers are being serviced when they need it the most.

Anytime HVAC hires those certified technicians looking for an expert HVAC company to work for. It’s not just about air conditioning or heat maintenance, it’s about making our guests happy no matter how hot or cold it is outside.

For more information on joining the Anytime HVAC team, contact us today!

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