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Tips for Financing Your A/C Unit in Atlanta

If you follow these tips for financing your A/C unit in Atlanta, you’ll be cool when you see your neighbors sweltering. And that’s what we’re after; to make you the coolest in town. But that can only happen when you can pay for your air conditioning unit. Tips for Financing Your A/C Unit | Anytime HVAC

Have you thought about how to pay for your air conditioner?

You can look up units on Craigslist; but you’ll get what you pay for. When you go with no names, used and pre-owned systems, you’ll eventually find that the machine dies on you, or doesn’t operate quite the way you’d expect.

Plus, the system needs to be specified for the amount of square feet of airspace you have in your home or apartment. If you’re just trying room by room air conditioners, you’ll have to worry about each one working properly, and being optimized for the room it works in.

But if you’re interested in whole-house air conditioning, central air conditioning, then you’ll need to find out how to pay for it from a certified supplier and installer.

You can always look out for loans and grants.

HVAC Loan Ideas

  • Look for an air conditioning company that offers its own financing. You’ll need that, quite possibly, because approaching the bank directly may get you nothing – an A/C is more than what you can put on a credit card. But it’s less than the typical car-sized loan the bank offers.
  • You can borrow against your home equity, using your home as security on the debt you’ll owe for the air conditioner. This is called a home equity line of credit; but you may not be able to get one for less than $10,000.
  • Look to your city – the municipality may offer loans to qualified homeowners. Alternatively, a Title 1 loan insured by the Housing and Urban Development programs of the Federal Government.
  • Finally, you can ask a friend and have the amount be certified and managed through a 3rd party loan management service.

Grant Ideas for a New A/C

While a loan is for money that you have to return, a grant is for money that you don’t have to return! Getting them goes like this:

  • The Federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program offers to help people with low-incomes with heating and cooling costs. While they typically help you to pay your monthly bills for electricity and heating, they can also help you pay off a replacement machine.
  • Charities are sometimes in the business of providing money for home appliances like air conditioners. You can also apply to the federal government for a grant if you’ve installed a green air conditioner that meets their standards for environmental energy friendliness.

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