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Top Three Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

We are experiencing record high temperatures across the country. How can you stay cool this summer?

The top 3 changes you can make to keep your home cool:

#1. Seal air leaks.
Leaky and poorly connected ducts can cause your home to lose 20% of the cool air moving through the duct system. Sealing duct work will significantly reduce your energy bill.

#2. Use a programmable thermostat.
Stay in control of the temperature in your home. Programmable thermostats allow you to customize temperatures for your specific use, for example, setting the thermostat for a warmer temperature when you are away at work or when you are sleeping.

#3. Schedule A/C maintenance.
Maintaining your air conditioner is top priority. A/C equipment failure is generally caused by dirt and neglect. Anytime Heating and Cooling recommends a pre-season check for both the heating and cooling seasons.

*We can’t mention A/C maintenance schedules without a reminder about A/C filters. Check your A/C filter each month–making sure to change the filter a minimum of once every three months.

These are three great changes you can make that will positively impact your comfort level and energy savings without breaking the bank. If you have questions about thermostats, duct work or A/C maintenance, our Anytime technicians would be glad to answer your questions or start your A/C maintenance plan for you.

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