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Top Tips for Keeping Your AC as Good as New

AC Maintenance | Anytime HVAC

Part of surviving a hot summer is making sure that your AC unit survives summer with you. The main way to do this by taking steps to decrease its workload so that it doesn’t have to run all the time to keep your house cool. This will save you a lot of money through recouped energy costs. You can make sure your new AC installation gives you many years of service by following these tips that reveal some of the roadblocks to its full potential.

Proper Maintenance

By a Professional 

A little maintenance goes a long way and can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs down the road. Central AC works best when it is properly inspected each year. There are many parts such as the condenser and evaporator that need to be cleaned to achieve peak efficiency. Refrigerant levels also need to be monitored. This can be done through a routine AC inspection where all areas of the system are inspected for integrity.

The Part You Can Do

Replacing the AC filter is an important part of maintenance that you can do yourself. This should be done at least every 3 months, but if you have pets or it is pollen season, do it once a month. An AC system with a clogged filter will prevent your AC from cooling well and give more problems with allergies. Don’t know where it is? Your AC maintenance man will show you next time he comes to inspect your unit.

Boost Efficiency

There are many ways to make your AC more efficient:

  • You can give your AC unit some shade, which will supply it with cooler air to dissipate heat from the condenser.
  • Move heat sources such as TV’s away from the indoor thermostat so that the AC isn’t tricked into thinking it needs to cool more than needed.
  • Insulate Attics to keep heat from seeping in.
  • Consider vent fans to move hot air out of the attic that would otherwise warm your house.
  • Insulate AC ducts, so cold air doesn’t radiate into attics and crawl spaces before it flows out the vents into your home.

Turn Up the Thermostat

Yes, it may be a tough pill to swallow, but you can make your AC unit work less by turning up the thermostat to 78 degrees. This will shrink your energy bill as well. If you do this your monthly energy use could be reduced by around 8 percent. Keep the thermostat turned up and your AC unit will thank you with extra years of service.

Call The Experts

Think about it. If your AC unit doesn’t have to run all the time, its longevity will greatly increase. The above tips are a great starting place. They work best when accompanied by a thorough inspection. This can be done with Anytime’s 30-point inspection that helps spot problems before they cause a failure. We promise to pay extra attention to every detail of your system. Give us a call or contact us to schedule your inspection.


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