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Top Warning Signs that Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Service for Atlanta Homeowners

The moment your A/C unit begins malfunctioning is the moment during an Atlanta summer in which you start to panic. A typical summer day in Metro Atlanta means temperatures that can easily reach triple digits. A malfunctioning A/C unit equals trouble.Top Warning Signs that Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Service for Atlanta Homeowners | Anytime HVAC

Prevention is key, so it’s important to know the top warning signs that your air conditioning unit needs service. For Atlanta homeowners, it can save time, money and a summer of suffering from sweltering heat.

Older HVAC Systems

Without a question, one of the first signs that you may need to repair or replace your A/C unit is its age. Oftentimes there are no visible signs of weakness, but for many homes across the Atlanta area, A/C units are decades old. When temperatures rise close to 100 degrees, malfunctions are iminent.

The older your A/C unit gets, the more frequently you’ll need to perform maintenance.

Frequent A/C Repairs

Monthly A/C repairs are no fun, especially if spending hundreds of dollars each time the repairman visits. Sometimes, even with constant maintenance, it may seem as if your A/C unit is not functioning as it should:

  • Your unit may be blowing air that just isn’t cold, a result of dirty air filters or refrigerant leaks.
  • Air isn’t blowing quite as strongly when coming out of your air conditioning unit, a possible result of leaky ductwork.
  • Your unit may have constant leaking, a result of a clogged drain line or cracked drain pan.

Monthly Energy Bill Increases

Your budget is the first to notice when monthly energy bills increase due to a costly A/C unit in your home.

By performing repairs on your A/C, your monthly energy bills will decrease. However, there comes a time when an air conditioning unit can be repaired no more. In this case, a replaced A/C unit would be the best option for decreasing monthly spending on energy bills.

Choose Anytime for Your Atlanta A/C Repair or Replacement

By choosing Anytime HVAC, the trusted and reliable A/C service in the Atlanta area, you’re choosing the best maintenance around. Contact Anytime HVAC to learn more about our A/C repair and replacement services so you can stay cool this summer. Call today at (770) 504-5881 for a free consultation with one of our expert technicians.

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