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What Newnan Homeowners Should Know About A/C Unit Installation

What Newnan Homeowners Should Know About A/C Unit Installation | AnytimeSummer temperatures have already made their way into the Atlanta metro and surrounding areas like Newnan, which means your A/C unit will be doing extra work. However, no homeowner expects their A/C system to fail during the peak of summer but it can happen.

As the search begins for a new A/C unit to replace an old one, this is what Newnan homeowners should know about A/C unit installation:

The Cost

One of the most important decisions you’ll make as a homeowner is the investment in a new A/C unit to keep your home cool during the summer months. There’s no doubt about it, the price is expensive, but the cost of running an inefficient unit could become more over the years. Choosing to run the right A/C unit can account for almost 75 percent of your operating efficiency and performance.

Average costs for a new air conditioning unit will costs homeowners upwards of $2,500 which does not include installation. This is simply for the unit itself, not duct work or any wiring throughout your home. Installation can cost you almost $2,000 if you’re looking to install just an air conditioning unit.

If you’re looking to install an entire A/C system, you could spent close to $10,000 from start to finish including the cost of your system.

The Installation

There’s a lot that goes into the installation of your new A/C unit from actually installing the unit to performing maintenance after. Each step is performed by an expert technician provided by Anytime HVAC but it’s important to make sure each step in the installation process is met and exceeded.

Select a Unit

You’ll first choose your unit by brand and the size of the unit that relates to the size of your home. Having a larger unit installed that is too big for your home will only reduce the efficiency of the unit.

Placing the Unit

A/c units have a tendency to be noisy at times which can disturb those in your home as well as neighbors. Anytime HVAC will help you decide the perfect location for your unit where it won’t disturb anyone.

Maintaining Duct Work

In order for cold air to disperse through your home, ductwork needs to undergo maintenance to ensure air created by your unit is going into your home. This maintenance is part of unit installation that Anytime HVAC provides during service.  

The Maintenance

Maintenance is the most important part of the installation. Yes, even at installation your system can undergo maintenance to make sure all parts work together with each other. You can spend thousands of dollars on repair costs months after purchasing if you don’t assess whether your new A/C unit works in correspondence with the rest of your system.

Choosing Your HVAC company in Newnan

Anytime HVAC stands behind each step in our A/C unit installation so you can enjoy a cooler summer without spending even more on power bills or repair costs. As part of our guaranteed service, we provide routine maintenance depending on your unit needs.

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