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What Questions to Ask When Finding an HVAC Technician in Atlanta

Questions to Ask When Finding an HVAC Technician in Atlanta | Anytime HVACAs you begin to wonder whether or not your HVAC system can survive another wavering season of Atlanta weather, you’ll want to call an HVAC technician for proper maintenance and advice.

This is critical for saving money on monthly energy costs as well as avoiding unexpected repairs that may be required throughout the months. Furthermore, HVAC maintenance is much more than making sure your heating and cooling system works properly. It’s about keeping your family comfortable and safe. Remember these questions to ask when finding an HVAC technician in Atlanta so you can find the best service available.

How Much Experience Do You Have With HVAC Systems?

Experience goes a long way, especially in the HVAC repair and maintenance industry. Many HVAC technicians have years of experience repairing and installing HVAC systems in thousands of homes. Additionally, these more experienced technicians often help train newcomers in the industry.

Asking about experience will help you gauge how comfortable you are with an HVAC business’s skill level. Remember to look for customer testimonials and community awards, which will help guide your decision further.

Are You Licensed, Bonded and Insured?

Contractors are required by some states and municipalities to meet minimum education and on-the-job experience requirements in order to practice in a certain area. Also, HVAC companies are required to maintain a minimum level of insurance and bonding in case of unexpected damage done to a customer’s property.

To ensure the work you’re getting done on your home is bonded and insured, require any HVAC technician or business to provide proof of insurance and bonding history.

What Type of Brands Do You Carry?

A majority of HVAC companies carry only a small selection of brands which may not include those that you’ve normally used. Also, technicians often have a select list of brands that they typically do maintenance on. When seeking estimates from these companies, ask which brands they repair and install.

If looking for a specific brand, keep in mind that this may limit your HVAC technician options.

Do You Provide Free Estimates?

Free estimates are most common in any type of maintenance or installation work to ensure customers know the price they’re paying and what services will be performed. Repairing, replacing, or installing new HVAC systems can cos a lot so it’s important for you as a homeowner to get at least three written estimates to ensure you’re getting the best price and service.

During the estimate process, you’ll not only get price quotes but also details about what your technician will look to accomplish during his or her visit, along with any other problems that might require additional fees.

Do You Offer Payment Schedules?

When installing new equipment for bigger jobs, HVAC technicians may offer payment schedules to satisfy the overall bill. Many homeowners with budget issues rely on payment plans in order to pay for their expensive unit installations or costly repairs. Most HVAC companies will check that the homeowner meets certain requirements to qualify for a payment plan.

Do You Have References?

If you’re looking for a private contractor, references should include recent customers that can confirm the company you’re considering hiring for your work, did previous jobs in a timely manner and to the customer’s satisfaction.

If you’re opting for an HVAC company with decades of experience, customer testimonials provided by the company on their website or in brochures may satisfy this need.

Am I Eligible For Tax Credits or Rebates?

With most HVAC systems, you’re eligible for tax credits or rebates depending on what you get installed and which state you live in. Asking about these incentives will allow you to save more on your current year’s tax returns.

If you are eligible for a rebate or tax credit, be sure the project is documented by the HVAC company for tax purposes.

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Finding an HVAC technician that offers trusted, quality work is an absolute must. For full-service care by an experienced HVAC technician in Atlanta,contact Anytime Heating, Cooling and Plumbing to schedule a free consultation. Call today at 770-504-5881!


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