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What to Avoid When Looking for an Atlanta HVAC Company  

HVAC Technician | Anytime HVACUnfortunately, there are Atlanta HVAC companies out there that will take advantage of your need for HVAC repair by either doing a subpar job, or doing a good job but overcharging you for it. Knowing what to avoid will help you identify the best HVAC company for your heating and cooling repair or replacement. HVAC repair work doesn’t have to be a headache; you just need to find the right company by eliminating the bad ones.

A Contractor Who Wants All the Money Beforehand

If a contractor wants the money before starting the job, that is an open door for them to cut and run. A good contractor will require some money up front. Then, when the job is satisfactorily done, you pay them the rest of the amount.

Steer Clear of a Company That Doesn’t Give an Estimate

A written estimate provides accountability for the service of your HVAC unit. It’s good for both parties to have, in writing, the amount that was agreed upon to get the job done.  This estimate is a guide for the repair, keeping it from wandering off into more expensive territory.

Lack of Insurance and License

Sure, a company might be able to give you a better deal if they aren’t licensed and insured. It isn’t worth the risk, though. Big things can go wrong when a system isn’t installed correctly. These things could be a huge risk to your life. Something as simple as incorrect venting of a heater could lead to poisonous carbon monoxide gas entering your home.

Service for Free is a Red Flag

The HVAC company that comes to repair your unit is not a non-profit organization. If service is free, then they will more than likely recoup cost and then some with a “really expensive” part that needs replacing. You need a company that is honest with you up front. You get what you pay for — you won’t get good quality work for free, and up-front honesty goes a long way. Stick to an hourly rate, and both you and the HVAC company will be happy.

Avoid Eager System Replacement

A repair company that is all too eager to replace your old HVAC system without first consulting you about repair costs and the condition of your old unit is questionable. They should give you two written estimates — one for repairing the old unit, and one for the cost of installing a brand new one.

Start with Us

There are a lot of things to avoid when looking for an HVAC company in Atlanta. If you know what to avoid, then you’ll be able to make an informed decision on the right company for your needs. Anytime Heating and Cooling is a great company to hire for HVAC work. We don’t give free service, but we do give free estimates. Let us come out and take a look at your system. We are available for HVAC emergencies around the clock, every day of the week. Don’t hesitate to contact Anytime Heating and Cooling Inc.


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