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Why is my house so dusty?

Why Is My House So Dusty?

Dusty Home

Why is my house so dusty?

If you’ve ever dusted any surface of your home, especially a darker one, you’ll notice that it is impossible to completely get rid of all the dust.  As soon as you finish one piece of furniture or countertop, you turn around and it has dust on it again. Despite the fact that we simply cannot get rid of all dust in the air, there may actually be a few explanations for the extra amount of dust in your home and how to solve them.

Problem: Air Filter Quality

A dirty air filter is typically a major source when there are excessive amounts of dust in your home.  If you are finding that every time you go to clean your filter it is already clean, then it probably isn’t actually filtering much of the dust particles.

Additionally, if your air filter has a lower MERV rating of under 8, this could contribute as well.

Solution: Buy A Better Filter

Air filters are sold at your local home improvement store and are relatively inexpensive. Look for a filter that fits your home and family needs, if you have family members that are more sensitive then make sure your filter has a higher MERV rating.

Be sure to clean and change your filters regularly to keep them performing their best.  Filters should be cleaned or replaced every couple of months.

Problem: Duct Leaks

Sealing HVAC Ducts

Leaky HVAC Ducts

Leaking ducts are another issue that can cause your house to be extra dusty.  The air ducts are supposed to carry the air to the proper room in your home, but if there’s a leak or hole anywhere they can be trapping extra dust particles and blowing them into your house.

Solution: Fix The Leak

The easiest way to find out if you do in fact have a leak in your duct work is to hire a professional.  At Anytime HVAC we are here to help with all of your air conditioning and heating needs.  We can clean and reseal your ducts to ensure proper air flow and less dust in your home.

Problem: Humidity

If the air inside your home, or outside, is either very humid or very dry this can cause excess dust in your house as well. Extremely dry climates, such as desert areas, promote dust in the air.  Likewise, extremely humid climates can also cause more dust to settle in your home.

Solution: Get A Humidifier

If it seems like the air in your home is really dusty, then a good humidifier might do the trick.

Call us at Anytime HVAC and we can help you figure out if the humidity in your home is causing it to be so dusty.

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